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diner shese ghumer
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Lyric and background history of song diner shese ghumer deshe

Song of Rabindranath Tagore


This page contains lyric of Tagore song diner shese ghumer deshe and its transliteration in English with background history. Background of the song includes the place and date of the song written by Rabindranath, name of the newspaper or magazine the song was first published in and the name of the person who had prepared the notation or swaralipi. This page also contains the musical composition of song like parjaay, taal, raag and ango.

The other related elements of this song like translation in English and Hindi, notation in Bengali (swaralipi), staff notation (western) which are available in other pages, please find the related links below. We have also provided the pdf's of lyric, notation and staff notation with midi with downloadable links so that people may find it easier to get the song and notations in printed format.


Taal: Dadra

Written on: 1911

Notes: This is a poem named ‘Shesh Kheya’ from the collection ‘Kheya, written in the monsoon of 1907. The tune was later composed by Pankajkumar Mullick in 1922.

This song has never been accepted as a Rabindra Sangeet as the tune had not been composed by Rabindranath himself. Pankajkumar Mullick was in his youth aged between seventeen or eighteen years – he used to sing this song in various programs. One day Rathindranath, son of the poet had sent him an invitation in order to listen to the song. To avoid controversy he was told by Pankajkumar that the tune had been composed by the poet himself and Rathindranath had expressed no doubt for the time being. However he was summoned to Thakurbari once again within a month and this time it was in front of Rabindranath. He describes the event in his book ‘Aamar Jug Aamar Gaan’ –

… I sat in front of the organ as indicated by Rathi-babu, started singing his lyrics slowly in front of the poet. I could well see him sitting with his eyes closed and murmuring occasionally.

I was panicked and profusely sweating, my throat was parched, often glancing at him. The poet although was calm with closed eyes. I could follow that he was listening carefully. …

… I did not have the courage to stand there after I had completed the song. It was beyond my imagination to ask Rabindranath for his comments. Somehow I managed to pull out myself from the organ and slipped through the side door to the stair, hurried through Dwarakanath Tagore Lane, crossed Chitpur and headed straight towards my home. …

… Shooting for the film ‘Mukti’, directed by Pramathesh Barua and produced by The New Theatres, had started rolling in 1935. … At this time the final consent from the Poet for the song ‘Diner Sheshe Ghomer Deshe…’ was obtained, it was used in the film and published in a gramophone record. It was a matter of deep satisfaction that I had had the permission from the Poet to compose a tune for his poem and publish the recording. This was the first occasion when a few songs of original Rabindra Sangeet, apart from this song, was used in any film that was not based on Rabindranath’s story. …

He had elaborated in the book how he had obtained the permission from Rabindranath –

... The Poet was stationed at Barahnagar in the house of Prashanta Mahalanabish. I explained him of my intention of my visit when I met him. Then I slowly urged that we wish to use a few songs written by him in a film and also sought for his formal permission to record the song ‘Diner Sheshe Ghomer Deshe…’ to be used in the same film.

He smiled when this song was referred to. ‘You did not wait after you sang it to me; you have a wonderful voice; why did you run away?’ – he asked.

I had no answer and looked down. In order to relieve me the poet asked me – ‘Can you sing the song once again in solo.’

These are the chances which are never repeated in a lifetime. Now I am an experienced singer and composer. I accepted his order as my best opportunity and started singing the song with all my heart.

The Poet seemed pleased when I was done with and said – ‘It was a good one. You can sing your song for the film, I give you the consent.’

After a brief thought he added – ‘Well, the lyrics need to be changed a bit for the song, I think.

“Phuler baar naaiko jaar

Phosol jaar phollo na

Chokher jol phelte haasi pay”

– to be replaced with

“Phuler baahar naaiko jaahar

Phosol jaahar phollo na

Asru jaahar phelte haasi pay”. Make a note of this.’

Swftly I took the note. …

Comments of the famous biographer of rabindranath are worth mentioning. He had once written to Pankajkumar asking for a few informations related to the song.

… I have prepared a chronological list of songs written by Rabindranath. The tentative edition contains 319 songs. Can you please forward me the information regarding when you had composed the tune for the song ‘Diner Sheshe Ghumer Deshe …’ and what was the reaction from the Poet. Please mention the melody and rhythm. What are the other songs you have composed for. I need the information. …

Lyric in Bengali

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Tagore song diner shese ghumer deshe
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Transliteration in English

Diner sheshe ghumer deshe ghomta-pora oi chhaaya,
Bhulaalo re, bhulaalo mor praan !
O paaretey sonar kule, aandhar mule kon maaya,
Geye gelo kaaj-bhaangano gaan.
Naamiye mukh, chukiye sukh, jaabar mukhe jaay jaara
Pherar pathey phireyo naahi chaay,
Taader paane, bhnaatar taane, jaabo re aaj ghorchhaara -
Sondha aase, din je chole jaay. 
Orey aay !
Aamay niye jaabi ke re
Dinoshesher shesh kheyay.
Snaajher bela bhnaatar srote o paar hote ektaana
Ekti-duti jaay je tori bhese.
Kemon kore chinbo ore oder maajhe konkhana,
Aamar Ghaate chhilo aamar deshe.
Astachale tirer tole, ghano gaachher kon ghneshe,
Chhaaya jeno chhaayar moto jaay.
Daakle aami khonek thaami, jethay paari dhorbe se.
Emon neye kaache re kon naay ?
Orey aay !
Aamay niye jaabi ke re
Dinoshesher shesh kheyay.
Ghorei jaara jaabar, taara kakhon gechhe ghorpaane,
Paare jaara jaabar, gechhe paare !
Ghoreo nohe, paareo nohe, je jon aachhe maajhkhane -
Shondha belay ke deke ney taare ?
Phuler baar neiko jaar, phoshol jaar phollo na,
Chokher jol phelte hnaasi paay -
Diner aalo jaar phuralo, snaajher aalo jwollo na,
Sei bosechhe ghaater kinaraay !
Orey aay !
Aamay niye jaabi ke re 
Dinoshesher shesh kheyay.

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