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Rabindra Sangeet madhur tomar shes
Sung by maitreyee chakraborty from USA/Kolkata

maitreyee chakrabortyWe feel pleasure to introduce this singer and proud to publish the songs sung by maitreyee chakraborty.

Musical profile of maitreyee chakraborty:

Maitreyee Chakraborty is a promising singer in the tradition of Rabindrasangeet. To Maitreyee, Tagore’s music is a way of life, her very own. Completed 'Geetaprabha', 'Sangeetvisharad' from Bengal Music College.

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Maitreyee Chakraborty is a promising singer in the tradition of Rabindrasangeet. She has performed in various venues of USA, including the North American Bengali Conference, FOBANA (Bangladesh cultural conference), American educational institutions and various Bengali organizations in the entire US. To Maitreyee, Tagore’s music is a way of life, her very own. As she tried to fit into a foreign society far away from her beloved Kolkata, Rabindrasangeet gave her solace and a philosophical and ideological direction.


Alumnus of the renowned music school of Kolkata, Bengal Music College.

Completed 'Geetaprabha', 'Sangeetvisharad' from Bengal Music College.

Received advanced training in Rabindrasangeet from Sjt. Subid Thakur and Smt. Sumitra Sen.

Received training in Kabyogeeti (songs of Atulprasad and D.L. Roy) from late Smt. Krishna Chattopadhyaya.

Received classical music training from late Pt. Usha Ranjan Mukhopadhyay.

Currently takes guidance via skype from the illustrious Rabindrasangeet singer Sjt. Prabuddha Raha and eminent classical singer Sandip Ghosh.

Music Instruction Career:

12 years experience as music instructor. She teaches Tagore music to children and adults.

She teaches by transcreating Tagore's poems and songs into English for students who don't know the language. Wrote several scripts and collaborated with various musical groups including jazz bands.

Some of her Musical Performances:

Sang in a leading role in 'Teen Kanya', a dance collaboration at Bengali Association of Southern California at Duarte Performing Arts Center, Duarte, CA.

Was invited to a 2 hour solo performance at Bangladesh Academy where the Consulate General of Bangladesh, Mr. Enayet Hossain presided as the chief guest.

Was invited by the Bengali associations in Phoenix, Denver and Las Vegas to do solo programs.

Sang the entire Chitrangada (all characters) and narrated the drama accompanied by dance performance at Bellflower Auditorium, Bellflower, CA.

Performed songs with dance numbers at various Arangetrams of outstanding bharatnatyam dance teachers like VG Prakash and Ramya Harishankar.

Performed at Claremont College, California for a global understanding and symposium of Rabindranath Tagore.

Performed jointly with Kaderi Kibriya, a veteran singer of Bangladesh sponsored by the 'Writers Association'.

In 2012, sang in concert with Prabuddha Raha in Kolkata at Jadavpur University Triguna Sen hall.

From October 4th 2013 to October 21st toured and performed jointly with Prabuddha Raha at Boston, Los Angeles, Monmouth University in New Jersey, Columbus and Houston.

On November 5th, 2013, performed Rabindrasangeet at University of Irvine, California with Alam Khan, son of sarod maestro Ali Akbar Khan and Salar Nader, the tabla virtuoso of Afganisthan.

On February 5, 2014, performed at the 1.5 hour acclaimed TV show on Tara Music called 'Aaj Shokaler Amontrone'.

Performed solo show for 2 hours at 'Nandana', in Kolkata in February 16th. Nandana is a cultural organization in Kolkata that promotes music.

She has been selected to sing at 'Bangla Sangeetmela', at Rabindrasadan.


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