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Tagore song and its related elements: starts with alphabets below

গীতবিতান / রবীন্দ্র সঙ্গীত

taai tomar aanondo aamar

গান: তাই তোমার আনন্দ

বাণী, স্বরলিপি, পর্যায়, ইংরাজী অনুবাদ ও আরও অনেক কিছু

Notation of song. Also find Bengali lyric, English translation, english lyric, about background, staff notation and audio of this Tagore song.

Bengali lyric

তাই তোমার আনন্দ আমার 'পর
          তুমি তাই এসেছ নীচে ।
আমায় নইলে ত্রিভুবনেশ্বর,
     তোমার     প্রেম হত যে মিছে ।
       আমায় নিয়ে মেলেছ এই মেলা,
       আমার হিয়ায় চলছে রসের খেলা,
       মোর জীবনে বিচিত্ররূপ ধরে
            তোমার     ইচ্ছা তরঙ্গিছে ॥
তাই তো তুমি রাজার রাজা হয়ে
     তবু    আমার হৃদয় লাগি
ফিরছ কত মনোহরণ-বেশে
     প্রভু,    নিত্য আছ জাগি ।
        তাই তো, প্রভু, যেথায় এল নেমে,
        তোমারি প্রেম ভক্তপ্রাণের প্রেমে,
মূর্তি তোমার যুগল-সম্মিলনে    সেথায়    পূর্ণ প্রকাশিছে ॥

About the song

Parjaay : Puja
Taal : Dadra
Raag : Desh
Written on : 1910 ( 28 Asharh 1317)
Place : Janipur, Gorai
Collection : Geetanjali

Notation (swaralipi)

Staff Notation of the song

This staff notation is currently not available. If you need this please mail us specifying the name of the song.

English lyric of the song

Tai tomar ananda aamar par
Tumi tai esechhe neeche 
Aamay naile, tribhubnesher,
Tomar preme hato je michhe   
Aamay niye melechhe ei mela,
Aamar hiyay chalechhe raser khela,
Mor jeebane bichitrarup dhare
Tomar ichchha tarangichhe   
Tai to tumi rajar raja hoye
Tabu aamar hridoy lagi
Phircho kato manoharan beshe,
Prabhu, nityo achho jagi  
Tai to, prabhu, jethay elo neme
Tomari prem bhaktapraner preme
Murti tomar jugalsammilanesethay purna prakashichhe

English translation of the song

Thus it is that thy joy in me is so full. Thus it is that thou hast come down to me. O thou lord of all heavens,
where would be thy love if I were not?  
Thou hast taken me as thy partner of all this wealth. In my heart is the endless play of thy delight.
In my life thy will is ever taking shape.  
And for this, thou who art the King of kings hast decked thyself in beauty to captivate my heart.
And for this thy love loses itself in the love of thy lover, and there art thou seen in the perfect union of two.  
- Translated by Rabindranath Tagore

Because you love me you have climbed down.
O Lord of all, but for me, your love would have been naught.
Because of me, this carnival is extended.
Within me is the play of emotions.
Your wish resonates in my life in strange manifestations.
Despite of being the King of Kings, to preside over my heart,
You come in various guise of captivating manifestations.
Lord, when your love bows down to the love of the devotee,
In the meeting of the two your image comes to light.
- Translated by Shailesh Parekh

That is why Your joy is in me
That is why You came down.
If it was not for me, oh Lord
Your love would have been in vein.
You have made this carnival for me,
My heart is overflowing with joy,
In my life, in numerous forms
Your wishes are rippling around.
That is why even if you are the king of all kings
In desire of my heart
You manifest yourself in so many pleasing gestures
Oh Lord, your presence is always vibrant.
That is why, Lord, where it came down,
Your love in the heart of your beloved,
Your form, in union of you two, is fully expressed.
- Translated by Sumita Chakraborty

Listen to this song

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