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Tagore song and its related elements: starts with alphabets below

গীতবিতান / রবীন্দ্র সঙ্গীত

sokhi bhaabona kaahare

গান: সখী ভাবনা কাহারে বলে

বাণী, স্বরলিপি, পর্যায়, ইংরাজী অনুবাদ ও আরও অনেক কিছু

Notation of song. Also find Bengali lyric, English translation, english lyric, about background, staff notation and audio of this Tagore song.

Bengali lyric

          সখী,    ভাবনা কাহারে বলে ।
          সখী,    যাতনা কাহারে বলে ।
তোমরা যে বলো দিবস-রজনী    ‘ভালোবাসা’ ‘ভালোবাসা’—
          সখী,    ভালোবাসা কারে কয় !
          সে কি   কেবলই যাতনাময় ।
সে কি   কেবলই চোখের জল ?   সে কি   কেবলই দুখের শ্বাস ?
লোকে তবে করে   কী সুখেরই তরে   এমন দুখের আশ । 
          আমার চোখে তো সকলই শোভন,
          সকলই নবীন, সকলই বিমল,
          সুনীল আকাশ, শ্যামল কানন,
বিশদ জোছনা, কুসুম কোমল— সকলই আমার মতো ।
    তারা  কেবলই হাসে, কেবলই গায়,
          হাসিয়া খেলিয়া মরিতে চায়—
না জানে বেদন, না জানে রোদন,   না জানে সাধের যাতনা যত ।
ফুল সে হাসিতে হাসিতে ঝরে,   জোছনা হাসিয়া মিলায়ে যায়,
হাসিতে হাসিতে আলোকসাগরে   আকাশের তারা তেয়াগে কায় । 
          আমার মতন সুখী কে আছে ।   
          আয় সখী, আয় আমার কাছে—
          সুখী হৃদয়ের সুখের গান   
          শুনিয়া তোদের জুড়াবে প্রাণ । 
প্রতিদিন যদি কাঁদিবি কেবল একদিন নয় হাসিবি তোরা— 
একদিন নয় বিষাদ ভুলিয়া সকলে মিলিয়া গাহিব মোরা ॥

About the song

Parjaay : Natya-geeti
Taal : Ektaal
Raag : Behaag Khambaj
Written on : 1880

Notation (swaralipi)

English lyric of the song

Sakhee, bhabona kahare bale.
Sakhee, Jatona kahare bale.
Tomra je balo dibaso-rajanee bhalobasa bhalobasa-
Sakhee, bhalobasa kaare kai.
Se ki kebali jatonamai.
Se ki kebali chokher jal? Se ki kebali dukher shwas?
Loke tabe kare kee sukheri tare emon dukher aash.
Aamar chokhe to sakali shibhan,
Sakoli nabeen, sakoli bimal,
Suneel aakash, shyamol kanan,
Bishad jochona, kusum kamol- sakoli aamari mato.
  Tara kebali hase, kebali gaay,
Hasiya kheliya marite chai-
Na jane bedan, na jane rodan, na jane sadher jatona jato.
Phool se hasite hasite jhare, jochna hasiya milaye jai,
Hasite hasite aaloksagore  aakasher tara teyage kay.
Aamar maton sukhee ke aache.
Aay sakhee, aay, aamar kaache-
Sukhee hridayer sukher gaan
Shuniya toder jurabe pran.
Pratidin jadi kandibi kebal ekdin nai hasibi tora-
Ekdin nai bishad bhuliya sakole miliya gahibo mora.

English translation of the song

What do you mean by 'Thought', my dear.
What do you mean by 'Pain' either.
What is that you yell 'Love' for,
What the word 'Love' means,
Is it saturated with pain?
Is that synonymous with tears or sigh of sufferings?
It is surely a wonder, why it fascinates people.
To my eyes everything is pleasing.
All are youthful, all are free from filth.
Blue sky, green parks, elaborate moonlight, tender blossoms –
All alike myself.
They laugh and sing all the time,
Face certain death delightfully smiling.
They know not sobs, neither fascinated to pains.
Flowers fall apart giggling, moonlight vanish while smiling,
Stars in the sky go out of vision in the ocean of light.
Who is happier than me –
Come O Darling, sooth your ears
With the blissful songs of a happy person.
You should be able to smile for a while amid routine sufferings.
Let us all sing for a single day ignoring the melancholy.
- Translated by Anjan Ganguly

What are feelings, my friend, what is pain?
And what is this love, that you talk of day and night?
My friend, is love nothing else but all pain?
Is it only tears and a breath of sorrow?
Why does everyone aspire for such sorrow?
For me, everything is beautiful, everything is new and pure -
The blue of the sky, the green of the forest, 
Bright moonlight, delicate flowers – all appeal to me.
They only sing and smile, 
And are prepared to die singing and laughing.
They know not sorrow nor sobs nor pain of longing.
Smiling – the flower wilts and moonlight fades.
Who is happy like me?
Come friend, come to me,
To console your soul listen to a happy song of a happy heart.
If you laugh not for a day and cry everyday,
Forgetting sorrow for a day, sing along my songs.
- Translated by Shailesh Parekh

Dear, what is heartache? 
Dear, what is agony?
You keep on saying, all day and all night, -“Love!Oh, my love!!”
Dear, what is love? Is it full of agony? 
Is it only tears? Is it only sigh of sorrow? Does it only breathe in agony? 
In my eyes- 
Everything is beautiful, everything is new, everything pure & spotless;
The blue sky, the green garden, the clear moonlight, soft petals of flowers.
They are all like me.
They only smile, they only sing, they would die smiling and undulating.
They do not know the agony, they do not weep, 
They do not know all those yearnings for melancholy.
Flowers fell off smiling,
Moonlight disappears with a smile,
The stars of the sky twinkle in the ocean of light.
Who is happier than me?
Come dear, come near me!
Listen to the song of a happy heart, 
- Your heart will calm down.

You may worry everyday but laugh at least one day-
At least one day, we shall all sing together forgetting the agony.  
- Translated by Rabiul Zaki

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