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Tagore song and its related elements: starts with alphabets below

গীতবিতান / রবীন্দ্র সঙ্গীত

jodi tor daak shune

গান: যদি তোর ডাক শুনে

বাণী, স্বরলিপি, পর্যায়, ইংরাজী অনুবাদ ও আরও অনেক কিছু

Notation of song. Also find Bengali lyric, English translation, english lyric, about background, staff notation and audio of this Tagore song.

Bengali lyric

যদি তোর   ডাক শুনে কেউ না আসে   তবে   একলা চলো রে।
একলা চলো,   একলা চলো,   একলা চলো,   একলা চলো রে ॥
যদি   কেউ কথা না কয়,   ওরে ওরে ও অভাগা,
যদি   সবাই থাকে মুখ ফিরায়ে   সবাই করে ভয়--
                   তবে   পরান খুলে
ও তুই   মুখ ফুটে তোর মনের কথা   একলা বলো রে ॥
যদি   সবাই ফিরে যায়,   ওরে ওরে ও অভাগা,
যদি   গহন পথে যাবার কালে কেউ ফিরে না চায়--
                   তবে   পথের কাঁটা
ও তুই   রক্তমাখা চরণতলে   একলা দলো রে ॥
যদি   আলো না ধরে,   ওরে ওরে ও অভাগা,
যদি   ঝড়-বাদলে আঁধার রাতে   দুয়ার দেয় ঘরে--
                   তবে   বজ্রানলে
আপন   বুকের পাঁজর জ্বালিয়ে নিয়ে   একলা জ্বলো রে ॥

About the song

Parjaay : Swadesh
Taal : Dadra
Raag : Baul
Written on : 1905
Notes : In support to the movement of Banga Bhanga Rodh . Derived from a Bangla lokgeeti "…Harinaam Diye Jogot…".

Notation (swaralipi)

English lyric of the song

Jodi tor daak shune keu na aashe tobe ekla cholo re.
Ekla cholo ekla cholo ekla cholo ekla cholo re.
Jodi keu kotha na koy ore ore o obhaga
Jodi shobai thaake mukh phiraye shobai kore bhoy
Tobe poran khuley
O tui mukh phutey tor moner kotha ekla bolo re.
Jodi shobai phirey jay ore ore o obhaga
Jodi gohon pothe jabar kaale keu phirey na chaai
Tobe pother kaanta
O tui roktomakha chorontole ekla dolo re.
Jodi aalo na dhore orey orey o obhaga
Jodi jhor badole aandhar raate duyar dey ghore
Tobe bojranole
Aamar buker  paajor jwalie niye ekla jolo re. 

English translation of the song

IF THEY ANSWER not to thy call walk alone,
If they are afraid and cower mutely facing the wall,
O thou of evil luck,
Open thy mind and speak out alone.
If they turn away, and desert you when crossing the wilderness,
O thou of evil luck,
Trample the thorns under thy tread,
And along the blood-lined track travel alone.
If they do not hold up the light
When the night is troubled with storm,
O thou of evil luck,
With the thunder flame of pain ignite thine own heart
And let it burn alone.
- Translated by Rabindranath Tagore

If no one responds to your call, move alone.
O dear, move alone.
If no one speaks, O the ill-fated,
If everyone looks the other way, afraid – 
You speak out alone, loud enough, open-hearted.
If everyone shows his back, O the ill-fated,
If no one looks back while traversing deep woods.
You deal alone the roughness of roads under your blood-soaked feet.
If nowhere is light seen, O the ill-fated,
If every door is closed in the dark and stormy night.
You burn alone; ignite your ribs from the flash of lightning.
- Translated by Anjan Ganguly

If nobody listens to your call 
Then go it alone, go it alone! 
Oh hey tragic traveller! 
If nobody talks to you, 
If everybody turns away from you 
If everybody is afraid (of the truth) 
Then open up your heart,
Speak alone (about) what’s in your mind,  
Oh, hey tragic traveller!
If everybody turns away 
If nobody notices you -
While traversing the hard path
Then alone you tread under your bloodied feet 
All those spikes on the road.
Oh, hey tragic traveller!
If there is no light in sight 
If the doors are shut by the dark & stormy night 
Then let the claps of thunder set your heart ablaze
And let it burn - alone.
- Translated by Rabiul Zaki

Hindi translation of the song

जो तेरी पुकार। पे कोई न आये, तो अकेले चलो रे ॥
अकेले चलो, अकेले चलो, अकेले चलो, अकेले चलो रे ॥
यदि कोई  बातें न करें, ओरे ओरे ओ अभागे
यदि सभी तुझसे मुहं फेर लें ओर सभी डरें, तो प्राण खोल के
ओ तु मन की बातें मन ही मन अकेले बोलो रे ।
यदि सब लौट ही चलें ओरे ओरे ओ अभागे
यदि राह गहन चलते कोई गौर न करे, पथ की काँटे -
अपते लहू-लोहित चरण तले अकेले दलो रे ॥
यदि कोई दिया न धरे, ओरे ओरे ओ अभागे
यदि बादल और तूफानी रातों में द्वार बंद करें, तो वज्र-अनल में
तु हृदय-पंजर आप जलाए अकेले चलो रे ॥
- Translated by Jalaj Bhaduri

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