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Tagore song and its related elements: starts with alphabets below

গীতবিতান / রবীন্দ্র সঙ্গীত

aasa jawar pother dhaare

গান: আসা-যাওয়ার পথের ধারে

বাণী, স্বরলিপি, পর্যায়, ইংরাজী অনুবাদ ও আরও অনেক কিছু

Notation of song. Also find Bengali lyric, English translation, english lyric, about background, staff notation and audio of this Tagore song.

Bengali lyric

আসা-যাওয়ার পথের ধারে গান
          গেয়ে মোর কেটেছে দিন ।
যাবার বেলায় দেব কারে 
          বুকের কাছে বাজল যে বীন ॥
              সুরগুলি তার নানা ভাগে    
              রেখে যাব পুষ্পরাগে,
              মীড়গুলি তার মেঘের রেখায়
               স্বর্ণলেখায় করব বিলীন ॥
কিছু বা সে মিলনমালায়
          যুগলগলায় রইবে গাঁথা,
কিছু বা সে ভিজিয়ে দেবে
          দুই চাহনির চোখের পাতা ।
              কিছু বা কোন্ চৈত্রমাসে    
              বকুল-ঢাকা বনের ঘাসে
             মনের কথার টুকরো আমার
                কুড়িয়ে পাবে কোন উদাসীন ॥

About the song

Parjaay : Prem
Taal : Dadra
Raag : Iman-Kalyan
Written on : 1922

Notation (swaralipi)

Staff Notation of song aasa jawar pother dhaare

This staff notation is currently not available. If you need this please mail us specifying the name of the song.

English lyric of the song

Aasha jawar pother dhaare gaan geye more keteche din
Jabar belay debo kaare buker kaachhe je baajlo je bin
Surguli tar nana bhaage rekhe jaabe pushporaage
Mirguli taar megher rekhay swornolekhay korbo bilin
Kichu ba se milonmelay jugalgolay roibe gantha
Kichu ba se bhijiye debe dui chahonir chokher paata
Kichu ba kon chaitromaashe bokul dhaka boner ghaashe
Moner kothar tukro aamar kuriye paabe kon udashin

English translation of the song

Singing songs at the wayside, I spend my day.
At the time of departure, 
With whom shall I leave my lyre that played in my heart?
Various notes – I will leave to the flowers.
Glissando – let it merge with the golden clouds.
Some will remain woven in the garland adorning the neck.
Some will bring tears to the loving eyes.
Some will rest in the forest grass covered with bakul flowers.
Someone indifferent, will find pieces of words from my heart.
- Translated by Shailesh Parekh

Along the flow of time
	My life is spent singing.	
At leave-taking who should I give -
	The lyre that plays in my heart?
		 I will leave its melody in many parts
In the song of flowers -
Its pitch gliding effortlessly in the clouds,
Making it merge with its golden streaks.
Some will remain in the garland of union
	Strung around the neck
Some will dampen
The lids of the two eyes
Some may even find in the heat of summer
In the grass strewn with flowers
The broken words of my heart
Picked up by someone uncaring
- Translated by Ratna De

As the moment of departure advents, my days are spent humming the tune along the wayside...
The conflict of my inner soul plagues me with the thought; 
To whom shall I leave the lyre which played the chimes in my heart, 
Portamento, With the blossoms I shall leave; 
The Glissandos, I will let scrape the cirrus only to be diffused in the golden horizon of eternity… 
Some orchestrated shall resplend in the garland of our unison, 
Some will moisten the corners of the two bereaved eyes, 
Some perhaps lying unkempt on the bakul laden grassland amidst the springs, 
Would be gathered by the impervious soul…the loosened strand of my broken words...
- Translated by Srijita Paul Chowdhuri

Listen to this song

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