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25she boishakh 2014As a part of our journey, we have formed a non-profitable society Green Geetabitan®, the objectives of which is to serve Rabindra Sangeet loving people, researchers, upcoming singers, searching and supporting new talents, students working in this field of culture and many more across the Globe through our various sincere activities.

You are cordially invited to join our society. Your priceless support is what we need to make this project a comprehensive success for Tagore loving people living round the globe. We have a huge work plan although fund is the major hindrance. You can help the society by accepting membership, donating small funds, standing beside us as a sponsor, helping us to find sponsors and extending your hand with your expertise as a team member. Your wholehearted participation in any respect for the development of the society and other activities is highly appreciated. Read more

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A brief explanation of why we are requesting for donation


Dear friends and well wishers,

This is the first time ever we are requesting for a donation for our website and society. We are really feeling uneasy for making such a request to the people. We have never thought about it till November, 2013. Because our society Green Geetabitan have been registered at the end of this year.

We are only two people (Anjan Ganguly and Debasis Biswas) who have been immersed with our heartfelt effort working on Tagore song through our website since 2008. We have an aim to serve for Rabindra Sangeet loving people, researchers and the students working in this field of art and culture throughout the Globe. We are passionate about delivering any kind of support to them simply without any demand, because we love Tagore song from the core of our hearts and want to popularize his best creation throughout the globe. We are ambitious and having a specific work plan in our mind regarding what we are actually want to do for Rabindra Sangeet. You may read little about this here. But the fact is without your sincere support and blessings we will not be able to reach even closer to our goal.

Since the end of 2009 we felt that our website is gaining popularity in the world. Thousands of emails have been coming into our inbox with highly encouraging suggestions and comments about us. Some of them you may read here. One day we saw that our website is on the top of Google search engine, we were amazed. Anyway, we did continue our work with more effort and sincerity.

Till the year 2011 we were mainly working on lyrics of the song in both English and Bengali, notations, taal, raag, English translations of the songs, staff notation, history behind the songs etc. In the year 2012 we had decided to add a new section in the site for the singers who are talented but unknown to the world. We declared our intentions about this new section through our site what we actually want to do. After some months, hundreds of songs/recordings had been started coming in to us for the publication. Some of them have been too good; some good, ok, bad and too bad. In the beginning, other than bad and too bad we have published almost 60% of the song, because we were strict and did not encourage any kind of intentional distortion of Tagore creation. The recordings which were considered unfit for publication; we have always been trying to reply them, with much importance, indicating the defects and flaws for such non publication. Now this is one of the most popular sections in the site.

From the very beginning of the year 2013, we had started feeling that managing the work load of the site is going beyond our control. Because the work load had became enormous for both of us. As a result there was lack of attention from our part on both the website issues and family responsibilities. In addition to that Anjan is an engineer at Kolaghat thermal power plant. We had two options. Either stop working and close the website or look forward strongly to continue this project.

We had been discussing about this very fact between us. Everybody was in favour of continuing the project because they believed that we were doing a good job for many people. But how shall we continue? We realized that we need to procure man power and financial support for our team members. Then we have decided to form a society. We have immediately applied for a non profitable organization. Because we found that this is the only way that we could manage and continue our project. In the month of November 2013, our society Green Geetabitan was born. The memorandum of the society which we have produced while applying for it is the vision of our society; you may read about it here.

So this is the brief explanation of why we are requesting for donation. We sincerely and deeply request for your kind support and blessings to continue with this project. Your donation will bring us closer to our goal.


For Green Geetabitan,

Anjan Ganguly, Founder of and society Green Geetabitan, Editor of, Working President of Green Geetabitan.

Debasis Biswas, Founder of and society Green Geetabitan, Developer of, Secretary of Green Geetabitan.



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