Thank you for making this treasure Trove of Rabindra Sangeet available to people who are not from Bengal. Availability of English translations of the Lyrics is fabulous - It turns the beautiful music to unforgettable pieces when one can follow the words and understand feelings of the great Poet!
Neeraj Sharma, Gurgaon, 16.02.2015

I am a non Bengali but very much fascinated by Rabindra Sangeet. Your website is very well created, planned and rich in all details. You are doing a wonderful work.
Harindra Vasavada, California, USA, 12.06.2014

Fantastic site - can't be better. Lyrics, Notation and Excellent Notes - cannot be found any where else in the world including print media.
Siddhartha, Kolkata, 07.06.2014

এই সাইট আমার অনেক অবসর সময়ের সঙ্গী। রবীন্দ্রনাথের গানকে আমাদের মত ছন্নছাড়াদের কাছে সুসংযতভাবে উপহার দেবার জন্য আমি চিরদিন গীতবিতান ডটকমের কাছে কৃতজ্ঞ থাকব। আরও সুন্দর হোক এই সাইট। যদি কোনও টেকনিকাল কাজে সহায়তা করতে পারি এই সাইটের উন্নতির জন্য, যোগাযোগ করিতে দ্বিধা করবেন না।.
Samik Mukherjee, Delhi, 08.05.2013

I appreciate your sacrificing and sincere works. But my earnest request to you to include the songs of Tagore along with Dance-drama and so on. I expect from you to perform it as early as possible. I think it will be one of your noble deeds. Thanks!
Raisuddin Gayen, Music Teacher, Govt. Rabindra Bangla S S School, Port Blair, 06.04.2012

I had been looking for a site like this for a long time where I can get the lyrics, taal and notations.I have been learning and singing Rabindrasangeet from childhood and in Delhi where I have settled it is very difficult to get Swarabitan. Your site is wonderful.You must have spent lot of your energy and innovative powers to make the site. My hearty Congratulations. Your site would be complete if you can upload some representative songs or on request. Will you consider this?, Best wishes.
Prof. P. K. Brahma. IAAS (Rtd), 20.06.2011

I have gone through the site (geetabitan.com) many a times and as far as I remember I also wrote to volunteer. Sites like this are very important in the interest of Tagore songs in internet generation. You and your team should try to do what others are not doing. Like site1 or site2 (we are unable to mention the site names). Repeating the same thing again is not worth the effort. The general awareness on listeners need improvement. Especially young and people settling outside and their children is a good target. Many of the listeners of classical music can understand Raag, Taal, Notes. The percentage of informed listener is high there. Can the same be said about listeners of Tagore songs? May be the same listening skill do not apply here. But do we have what applies? Tagore himself said "Sunibaar protiva thaka chaai". Can't we do something over internet so that we can create interest to enhance the skill and provide good resource once they are interested?
Debjit Mukherjee, 01.05.2011

This site is awesome. Thank you very much.Is there any way to donate through this site,so that any Rabindra organization can be donated? Thank you very much.
Subhankar Pandit, Canada, 22.02.2010

What an excellent piece of work you have produced in "Rabindra Sangeeter Sabkichu". This will give immense pleasure to all lovers of Rabindrasangeet in the world. My wife & I would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for your hard work. Well done! Many Congratulations! Best Wishes.
Dr.Shibopriyo Mukhopadhyay, Monjusree Mukhopadhyay, Mansfield, Nottingham, England, 17.05.2009