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I like the site coz its very easily provide not only lyrics but also notation , translation ... Its really a true e -geetabitan or green version of it.... Thanks...
Paramita Chakraborty, Hooghly, 1.11.2015

I like Geetabitan very much as it gives me immense pleasure. During the leisure of my works I read the songs of my choice.
Gour Pada Sarker Palash, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 28.10.2015

I am delighted by the content of this website. I don't have words enough to thanks those who are behind this great work.
Sujit, Hyderabad, 17.10.2015

I found this project very useful.I face problem in understanding some of the difficult words in Bengali.With the availability of the English translations my task became easier.
Lindia Datta, Kolkata, 11.10.2015

I am 58yrs old housewife. I have just started learning Rabindra Sangeet! Coming across your site n viewing it really helping me a lot n boosting my confidence! Thank you so much!
Nandita Ganguly, Kolkata, 9.10.2015

You are doing a great job, keep it up. Thank you for the support by providing such compiled information, really love your website
Souvik Atha, Kolkata, 8.10.2015

I wish to familiarise myself with various ragas through Rabeendra sangeet. Your effort is very helpful
sukumar mukherjee, Mumbai, 1.10.2015

A very good idea. Make translations in Hindi also.
M.d.mathur, New Delhi, 18.9.2015

Grateful I am, to for its endeavour, and wish that it reaches many....Led to it, searching for the "parjaay," actually seeking confirmation, which, as I received, along with it, received the bonus: the full song. It helped quite a bit, as, in tandem listened to its soulful rendition by Bannyadi.
Sushmita Mukherjee, Kolkata, 14.9.2015

Please include write ups about Geetabitan Ganer Schools (initiated by Shailajaranjan and others) - the first Official Rabindrasangeet Siksha Kendra outside Shantiniketan.
Susmita Chakraborty, Kolkata, 11.9.2015

i hv followed this site last 2/3 years... its really helpful who loves rabindrasangeet... and i need to open this site when i hear a good song or remember a song... which is the most important... it is too much appropriate/prompt about its spelling... both in english and bengali... thank you...
Srijata Kangsa Banik, Bardwan, 11.9.2015

As a Rabindrasangeet singer for a few decades, I found your site to be excellent. Congratulations for the initiative!
Paramita Gupta, Kolkata, 9.9.2015

Geetbitan sakal bhabanar urdhe.
Suvolaxmi Kanjilal, Kolkata, 4.9.2015

I was looking for this kind of site. I am really thankful for this endeavor. It will be very helpful if the Swaralipi is visible while listening to the song. Also the continuous background music should be removed or given option to the visitor to stop when needed. The back ground music is interfering with the song played. Thanks again for this nice site.
Santanu K Ghatak, Salt Lake, Kolkata, 3.8.2015

Very useful repository of eternal hymn & songs of our beloved and most respected Rabi Thakur. Thanks a lot for this sincere endeavour to cater the tech savy genY.
Sujit Kr. Bhowal, Naihati, 24.8.2015

Notes are very helpful! Thanks for such a nice endeavor.
Atikur Rahman, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 15.8.2015

Collection of lyrics and details about the song is very good. Collection of audio should be increased
Rajat Chatterjee, Kolkata, 12.8.2015

It's very helpful as the notations and the parjays are also there.
Tiasa Bhattacharya, Kharagpur, 7.8.2015

This is a very novel endeavor which is indeed commendable. However the translations are often not quite up to the mark. Wonderful and convenient. Thanks a lot guys.
Debargha Roy, Kolkata, 5.8.2015

A new concept...launching gitabitan in a website format is really superb ...
Ruchismita Bhowmik, Guwahati, 3.8.2015

Your attempt in Rabindra Sangeet is praiseworthy and unparallel. Please arrange for free download option of Swarabitan Volumewise in pdf format.
Souvik Sur, Chandannagar, 1.8.2015

It is really hand on understanding of lyrics and songs Rabindra sangeet .And is also a good accessible platform for Rabindra sangeet lover and learner.
Sanjit Kumar Datta, Delhi, 28.7.2015

This has been a brilliant project... thanks to all those who were involved.. from planning to implementation to maintenance of the website today !
Angana Dutta, Kolkata, 25.7.2015

It is very helpful. When I was worried about how to get all the 'Swarabitan' for various notations, I found Green Gitabitan. Thank you for existing! Let there be light, let there be Tagore! :) Long live.
Sushmita Chakraborty, Kolkata, 20.7.2015

I have learnt rabindra Sangeet from Gitabitan Institute so is very helpful as we can get any songs from this site. Madhurima Kundu, Kolkata, 13.7.2015

Excellent authentic website for learners.
Samuel M Halder, USA, 12.7.2015

Seems you are doing a very good work with all seriousness.
Srilekha Datta, Kolkata, 9.7.2015

You are doing a great job. I am also ready to accept the membership. Please let me know the formalities.
Ashim Kumar Mondal, Kolkata, 9.7.2015

Thanx to Mr. Anjan Ganguly, Debasis Biswas for developing such a useful site for Rabindra Sangeet singer and lover. I appreciate your initiative of forming Green Geetabitan. I will be there for any help required. Hope for every success of Green Geetabitan.
Dr. Moqbul Hossain, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 7.7.2015

There are songs which had been used as song and as song in nritya natya with little change in lyrics and tunes. Identify those songs. As for example Jani jani tumi ese hi tumi moner bhule. It is used with little change in barshamangal.
Sanjib Dawn, Kolkata, 4.7.2015

Heavenly feeling to find the Lyrics & Notations, just at a click's distance..
B Ghosh, Kolkata, Bangalore, 3.7.2015

I am extremely thankful to from where I got notations of different Rabindra sangeet of my choice. Now I can play those rabindra sangeets on harmonica following the notations. My heartiest best wishes to you all. Regards.
ALOK KAR CHAUDHURI, Kolkata, 2.7.2015

This website helped me get through my music exam. I am a great fan of tagore songs. I love this website!
Subah Salsabil Shoily , Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1.7.2015

Salute you for undertaking this beautiful task of portraying Rabindranath in such an innovative fashion.
Amit Roy Chowdhury, Kolkata, 30.6.2015

A very important site for those of us who live abroad.
Mita Chakravarty, New York, USA, 30.6.2015

Its a great thing, whenever I am travelling I open your site and sing, its a great way to pass your time in a journey.
Parikshit Deb, Mumbai, 29.6.2015

An excellent website. Very helpful for aspiring musicians like me. Thank you very much. The midis are very good. Keep up the good job. Thanks.
Ujjwal Halder, Bandel, 29.04.2015

Geetabitan has conserved the flavour of Rabindra sangeet in all aspects. Please take initiatives to do the same for "Nazrul giti, Atul prashader gaan , shyama sangeet etc.." They are also part of our culture.
Subhransu Das, Tamluk, Purba Medinipur, 28.04.2015

asadharon.ekta click samasto prayojonio tathyo haater muthote.........choltei thakuk.
Sujata Dey, Bally, Howrah, 23.04.2015

Beautiful effort to enable us to take a deep dip into this ocean of music any moment, anywhere. Thank you team.
Bipasa Sen, Kolkata, 16.04.2015

great website for non bengali like me to understand works of tagore.
Sunil, Mangalore, 14.04.2015

এ আকাশ ভরা সূর্য্য তারার পৃথিবীতে জন্ম নিয়ে আসাটা যেমন এক সুবৃহৎ বিস্ময়, বাঙ্গালীদের জন্য রবীন্দ্রনাথের গানের আনন্দধারা তেমনি আরেক আশ্চর্য্য বৃহত অমৃত-সম্ভার যেখানে কান পাতলেই শুনতে পাই এবং পা ফেললেই দেখতে পাই সবই সেই প্রথম শুভদৃষ্টির সময়টির মতই উজ্জল বিস্ময়্পূর্ণ হয়ে আছে... এ যেন প্রতিদিনের সূর্য উঠার মত, কখনই পুরাতন হয়না... আপনাদের এ ওয়েবসাইট সেই ভাবটাকে ধরে রাখার, আগামী প্রজন্মকে উদবুদ্ধ করার এবং সারা পৃথিবীর কাছে তা পৌঁছে দেবার একটা শুভ ও সুন্দর প্রয়াস দেখে খুব ভালো লেগেছে ....এবং সত্যি কথা বলতে কি, আজকের এই অস্থির পৃথিবীতে এ রকম সঙ্গীতের প্রচার খুবই প্রয়োজন....ধন্যবাদ....সবাই ভালো থাকুন।
Shankar Das & Munni Das, Canada, 11.04.2015

i like helps to ready a song.......even many songs.
Shreyosi Chakraborty, Kolkata, 06.04.2015

The few songs that I've read through on the website, have exact correct notations. Also the translations are truly perfect and beautiful.
Suchismita Mandal, Bangalore, 01.04.2015

It is very very helpful.thanks to
Sarbani Sarma, Kolkata(Behala), 28.03.2015

Very good and useful informative site. I like it.
Shanu Paramanik, Bardhaman, 25.03.2015

asadharon....everything under one site.
Sujata Dey, Bally, Howrah, 12.03.2015

a very big contribution for every singer who wants to learn new songs :)thank you.
Subhashree Bhattacharyya, 28.02.2015

Really a very good and helpful site.
Ahana Mukherjee, Kolkata, 25.02.2015

Thank you for making this treasure Trove of Rabindra Sangeet available to people who are not from Bengal. Availability of English translations of the Lyrics is fabulous - It turns the beautiful music to unforgettable pieces when one can follow the words and understand feelings of the great Poet!
Neeraj Sharma, Gurgaon, 16.02.2015

Thank you for all your efforts to share with the world, the wonderful works of the wonder that was Rabindranath Tagore!
Vikas Solegaonkar, Mumbai, 07.02.2015

I specially like the english translation part... it facilitates me to introduce Rabindranath to non native admirers. Great Work guys!!!
Spandan, Stockholm, 07.02.2015

this s a very informative and user-friendly site. we can learn as much as we want.. there s no need to search through so many books anymore.
Soumika Aich Roy, Kolkata, 23.01.2015

I love Rabindranath, both his songs and and stories. He is God!!!!! Thank you for the website.
Rachana, Bangalore, 23.01.2015

I have lived away from "Amar shonar Bangla" for 5 years now. I am an avid Tagore enthusiast. is a great companion to have around. Keep up the good work!!
Saborni Chattopadhyay, Taipei City, Taiwan, 15.01.2015

its a wonderful app for me , which helps me to practice my song every time anywhere i want.
Sadhana Ray, Kolkata, 11.01.2015

Great work done. This is done for the benefit of next so many generations. Thank you so much. Appreciate.
Mrinal Paul, Bangalore, 11.01.2015

I have learnt lot of things about Rabindra Sangeet from this website.
Piya Ghosh, Howrah, 07.01.2015

This site is very useful for the students of Rabindra Sangeet. They can easily avail Swaralipi and Lyrics from here. Thanks for making so useful culture spreading site.
Subir Das, Janbazar, Kolkata, 01.01.2015

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