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You are cordially invited to join our society. Your priceless support is what we need to make this project a comprehensive success for Tagore loving people living round the globe. We have a huge work plan although fund is the major hindrance. You can help the society by accepting membership, donating small funds, standing beside us as a sponsor, helping us to find sponsors and extending your hand with your expertise as a team member. Your wholehearted participation in any respect for the development of the society and other activities is highly appreciated. Read more

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A commendable effort.
Shailesh Parekh, Ahmedabad, 23.12.2014

You are the best.
Polo Dev, Dhaka, 17.12.2014

Khub valo laglo ,onak onak donnobad.
Zahidul Islam, Narayanganj, Dhaka, 10.12.2014

blessed to have this site. can easily access notations and lyrics just at a click. everything is authentic.very satisfied.keep up the good work.
Anisha Mondal, Kolkata, 05.12.2014

Cant believe Geetabitan is digitized. Love this site.
Monalisa, Lucknow, 01.12.2014

very helpful to everybody who likes Rabindrasangeet.
Arindam Chattopadhyay, Kolkata, 21.11.2014

An unique and wonderful site for the lovers of Rabindra Sangeet. But collection of songs are to be increased.
Tarun Kumar Mukherjee, Uttarpara, 20.11.2014

Too good site.
Sraboni, Kolkata, 06.11.2014

This is amaging!! This site gives me tremendous resource materials to learn Tagore songs.
Samuel Halder, Weslaco, Texas, 01.11.2014

Awesome site !!!!
Subhas Bothra, Kolkata, 16.10.2014

Excellent collection of Guruji's poetries.
Neena, Canada, 12.10.2014

it really one of the best way to learn from anywhere and always to be connected with rabidrasangeet.
Surjendu Shekhar Bhattacharya, Kalna, 09.10.2014

I want to let you know that you all are doing a fantastic job. Please keep it up.
Anindya Ghosh, Chennai, 06.10.2014

Excellent efforts for Ravindra Sangeet lovers.
Bashu Deb Dutta, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, 01.10.2014

Very nice ,quick vision,can be clarified easily,heart fills with joy.
Mousumi Saha, Kolkata, 19.09.2014

Thanks to geetabitan,com for giving access to the world of Rabindra Sangeet.
Nabanita Sinha, Jalandhar, Punjab, 15.09.2014

Thanks for the rich collection!
Progga, USA, 11.09.2014

I like geetabitan.
Bratati Khamaru, Hooghly, 01.09.2014

I like this, I am a new learner, Its helping me a lot. Thanks!
Suvo Bar, Kolkata, 22.08.2014

I am just more than happy with this site. In my childhood, my mother collected many notations for me, now I am collecting for her and myself.
Dr Achyut Pal, Uttarpara, 12.08.2014

made me forget my pain in foreign land by humming these lyrics of Rabi Thakur.
Soumyadeep Banerjee, Bangalore, 04.08.2014

So glad to find your web site!
Susim Munshi, Skokie, IL, USA, 30.07.2014

Very useful. My digital geetabitan.
Sampa Chakraborty, Bangalore, 29.07.2014

It is a wonderful site.
Reeta Haldar, Bhopal, 27.07.2014

I am a singer/songlearner. I love to singing/listening rabindra sangeet very much. Thanks for your website.It is very helpfull for singers.
Nimai Kole, Bishnupur, Bankura, 20.07.2014

For a person like me who understood ,rather trying to understand Rabindranath, at an age of 34 , this website gives me almost everything I want to know about his songs,,, Exellent.
Dipanjan Mukherjee, Jamshedpur, 18.07.2014

I am a non Bengali but very much fascinated by Rabindra Sangeet. Your web-site is very well created, planned and rich in all details. You are doing a wonderful work.
Harindra Vasavada, California, USA, 12.06.2014

Fantastic site - can't be better. Lyrics, Notation and Excellent Notes - cannot be found any where else in the world including print media.
Siddhartha, Kolkata, 07.06.2014

This is a excellent site and very much helpful. Very well done. My heartiest congratulations to all of you.
Sanmay Adhikary, Kolkata, 03.06.2014

Its a site that my soul always dreamed for...
Mainak Purkayastha, Silchar, Assam, 24.05.2014

Very helpful site. Many many thanks for that.
Debanjan Bhattacharya, Kolkata, 21.05.2014

Every songs r heart touching... I luv these songs.
Megha Sarkar, Kolkata, 18.05.2014

Excellent work your people have done, Please keep it up.
Pradeep Das, New Delhi, 15.05.2014

I like geetabitan...i learn singing...i m a student from welland goldsmith patuli..i read in class 9..i want 2 aim higher and higher in singing.
Srijoni Dey, Kolkata, 13.05.2014

Excellent site with lots of important information. Great work.
Subhasis Mukherjee, Kolkata, 10.05.2014

its a great site.....helped me a lot!
Partha Manna, Kolkata, 09.05.2014

kub surdar proyas...valo laglo, kabita sankolan hole aro valo lagbe.
Moutushi Bhattacharya, Kolkata, 09.05.2014

A very nice, resourceful, informative and crisp collection. I would like to congratulate all the editors and persons for taking such a great initiative. Keep it up! Chhers !!
Anirban Roy, Kolkata, 02.05.2014

I loved this site. truly amazed with all the information. will recommend to my freinds. thanks a lot. keep up the good work.
Ababil, Darwin, Australia, 30.04.2014

I just love this site. Whatever I want to know about any Rabindrasangeet I find it here.
Sanchita Dey Bhattacharya, Kolkata, 04.04.2014

I just love this website, I am able to catch up with the numerous Rabindra Sangeet lyrics, written in english, which really makes it more easier for lots of people like me! Thanks!
Swarupa, USA, 31.03.2014

It is a very organized site and almost all covered on Rabindar sangeet. I found it best one which I searched ever. Thanks.
Banhishikha Mitra, Kolkata, 27.03.2014

Vasatit prosongsa k...
Samrat Das, Uttarpara, Howrah, 22.03.2014

I left my rabindra sangeet notebook in my hometown but I am overwhelmed and thankful to green geetabitan that I can still continue practicing.
Disha Debnath, Tollygunge, Kolkata, 21.03.2014

I go to Music Class and learn Rabindra Sangeet. This website is very useful.
Sushmitha Maji, Bangalore, 19.03.2014

The website is truly inspirational for the music lovers. Enriched.
Suman Chakraborty, Kolkata, 17.03.2014

Darun akta site, darun udyug.
Sanjay Sen, Bongaon, 15.02.2014

A very helpful site who loves Rabindrasangeet. I like it very much.
Amiya Kumar Banerjee, Salimpur, Kolkata, 11.02.2014

What I like most about your endeavour is that it is a combination of commitment to the cause of Rabindrasangeet and systematic approach. You really deserve high appreciation for your efforts since 2008 and please continue it. As your reach expands, you might need more resources, which should not be a problem. There are enough of aficionados of Rabindrasangeet spread all over the world who will come forward to support your labour of love.
Birinchi Roy, New Delhi, 11.02.2014

This website is an instrument for me to expand my knowledge in Rabibdrasangeet.
Ashok Kumar Mandal, IIT Kanpur, 05.02.2014

Thanks. You are helping people to learn music. Also its a big contribution to society. This effort will help to keep our music legacy alive and growing.
Arpana, Navi Mumbai, 03.02.2014

This is very helpful for our general people.
Subrata Biswas, North 24 Parganas, 30.01.2014

Awesome site.
Bipul Kumar Shil, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 19.01.2014

Invaluable for people like me who love the music and its poetic content but do not know Bengali - I am now trying to learn a song via your site.
Arati Chokshi, Bangalore, 10.01.2014

I'm a Rabindra Sangeet artist, student of Smt. Roma Mondal. I am thankful to this site as it helps me in various ways in my hectic schedule (as I am an Assist. Prof in Physics, WBES).
Koel Adhikary, Kolkata, 04.01.2014

I like the website because of the organised fashion in which the songs along with the lyrics, notation and taal reckoner is given.
Kausiki Poddar, Durgapur, WB, 02.01.2014

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