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Tagore is the other name of receptivity & modernity; why should his music which is popular even after so many years should be precluded from a technology driven century? Actually internet & convergence can be a good as a mechanism to preserve it.
Pulastya Bose, Salt Lake, Kolkata, 30.12.2013

Very much surprised to see this Online Geetabitan. Me and my wife will definitely use it frequently.
Sanjib Banu, Kolkata, 28.12.2013

A nice place for singers and listeners.
Arup Chakrabarty, Hindmotor, 24.12.2013

Biswakabir gaan amader antarer upalbdhi ke jagiye tole anupombhabe, praner porosh pete er theke bhalo aar kichhu hoy na, sadhubaad janai ei prochesta ke.
Pranay Banerjee, Asansol, 12.12.2013

This site is very good.
Biprotanu Roy Barman, Siliguri, 12.12.2013

I truly admire your efforts. Though I am a bengali but due to several reasons I was bot able to learn bengali properly, due to which I sometimes felt very bad as I couldnot understand the meaning of Tagore's litrature.. Your site and effort has reduced this lain of mine.
Mourini Ganguly, Gurgaon, 01.12.2013

I am indeed thankful to come across your site where I can find the lyrics in Bangla and find everything in one place.
Priyanka, Denver, USA, 01.12.2013

God Bless You.
Nirmal Mondal, Germany, 29.11.2013

An excellent website. Credit for providing lyrics in English & English translation for people like us who are poor in Bengali but appreciate Tagore songs immensely. Thank you & to the contributors for your effort and hard work in making this website worthy of appreciation. Keep it up.
Basu Dey , London, United Kingdom, 26.11.2013

I cant thank you enough. You are a souvenir of our culture. I am feeling so proud...
Kingshuk, Delhi, 24.11.2013

Too helpful!!!!!
Ritu, Bangalore, 06.11.2013

I am overwhelmed to find such a site which lets me find all Tagore songs without having to hunt for the lyrics all over the internet. Can't thank you both enough for the awesome endeavor you have take. Best wishes.
Somananda Sanyal, Bangalore (Originally Kolkata), 28.10.2013

Your site is my source of knowledge, i'm forever indebted you. Please translate more songs.
Ali Vengience, London, 07.10.2013

I really feel lucky to use It is so helpful for me when I need to go through the notation. Thank you geetabitan team.
Aparajita Ghosh, Pune, 05.10.2013

Its a beautiful site. Thanks for making such a site available before hand.
Manas Sarbadhicary, Kalindi, Kolkata, 02.10.2013

You are doing exellent work. Your making staff notation very beautiful. Thank you carry on.
Debasish Dolui, Purba Medinipur, WB, 30.09.2013

I appreciate the team for this noble effort. I am in love with Rabindra songs since childhood. I sing them often but unfortunately i can not talk in bengali. I am an assamese but my bengali pronunciation is accurate. Thanks to these valuable songs that I have learnt at least this much. Long live RABINDRA SONGS AND ITS IMPACT ON OUR SOCIETY.
Mrigasya Kashyap, Guwahati, Assam, 28.09.2013

Excellent resource. Loads of information in a searchable data base. Well presented and laid out. English sentences have atrocious grammar though, but that is not the point of this site, so this can be excused easily.
Anirudha, The Woodlands, TX USA, 27.09.2013

কি সুন্দর ওয়েবসাইট. তবে ''চক্ষে আমার তৃষ্ঞা'' গানটি গ্রীষ্ম পর্যায়ের বদলে বর্ষার মধ্যে ঢুকে পড়েছে৷, অনেক ধন্যবাদ, ত্রুটি সংশোধন করে দেওয়ার জন্য।
Arnab Chakraborty, Kolkata, 26.09.2013

I listened to and learnt a few songs of Rabindranath in my childhood and noted them in a diary. I lost the dairy long back and always wished I could find it to see the lyrics. Now, with geetbitan, I got it back. Today is my first day with geetbitan and I have really enjoyed some of my choice songs, also seeing the lyrics while listening to the song.
J B Sharma, Mumbai, 26.09.2013

Very systematic and tidy approach to the immortal Tagore collection. But if all the songs, sung by different artists, are available together in mp3 format, it would be a treat to the Tagore lovers.
Ankan Kayal, Kolkata, 14.09.2013

mugdho koreche ei proyas. aajker juger proyojoner songe kobiguru ke miliye diyeche ei proyas. asonkho dhonnobaad.
Apurba Manik Dutta, Kolkata, 02.09.2013

I am simply awed... I teach in a school and when I have any doubts about any song or notation I can solely rely on this it... all the best...
Paulomee Deb, Barasat, 30.08.2013

Very helpful for Rabindra Sangeet singers.
Pampa Sur, Kolkata, 27.08.2013

Great initiative to digitise Rabindranath's work and making it available to all.
Avijit Das, Kolkata, 24.08.2013

This is a very nice website which i regularly use to find lyrics and notations. Good Job.
Nafis Sazeed, Bangladesh, 19.08.2013

The creation of the site is awesome. after I left kolkata, my tanpura, harmonium.....I missed my Tagore & culture.. thanks a lot for the everything..specially the saralipi & every minute details of each songs.
Piyali Ghosh, Delhi, 12.08.2013

Thanks for the compilation. it is very helpful and handy and very nicely done.
R. Dutta, France, 12.08.2013

This is a great job. I should first congratulate you people for doing this wonderful work. On can familiar himself with everything about Rabindrasangeet. Many thanks. I also request you to wash out the advertisement which are really disturbing. This type of adds does not suit with a valuable website like this.
Goutam Singha, Kolkata, 10.08.2013

It's where i get all my help for music school!
Shweta Majumder, Bangladesh, 06.08.2013

This website is really very useful...
Srabana Chatterjee, Kolkata, 03.08.2013

Osadharon udyog. Aamraa jaaraa Banglar baire thaaki, aamaadr haate chand pelam. Asonkhyo dhanyabaad.
Deep, Ahmedabad, 28.07.2013

A lovely collection of notations & songs - the best on the internet.
Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay, Vevey, Switzerland, 17.07.2013

Bangalir moner monikothay Rabindranath k banchiye rakhar ek anobodyo sthan, ae GeetaBitan.....
, Priya Mukherjee, Kolkata, 15.07.2013

You may be a small team but you have done a great job indeed. I must congratulate you for doing such a great task, which is so helpful and informative about Tagore's songs. This is a real treasure for myself and like minded people who love Tagore's songs. I wish to find more on this page in the near future. I appreciate your love for Tagore.
Dilip Ray, London, UK, 14.07.2013

A great gift for rabindrasangeet lovers.
Subhankar Mondal, Falta,South 24 Parganas, WB, 7.07.2013

This website is novel in that amateur artists are encouraged to perform and gives others (like myself) a chance to listen without the interruption of advertisements which are a constant irritation in Youtube. I trust that your collection of songs will grow with time.
, Reeti, London, UK, 07.07.2013

Really a piece of work. Thanks to every one for building up such a good and useful website.
Tilak Gupta, Kolkata, 11.06.2013

It saves my thirst for lyrics & melody that I grew up with for almost 8 decades, especially in a Portuguese - speaking country.
Poree Sengupta, Natal, Brazil, 08.06.2013

The site is exceptionally wonderful. I would suggest you to publish the alternate notations of the songs as well (wherever available). E.g. Majhe majhe tabo deka pai, has two totally separate notations and both are sung.
Soupayan Sarkar, Salt Lake, Kolkata, 07.06.2013

Heartfelt appreciation for this massive effort!
Chaitali Sengupta, Richardson, TX, USA, 31.05.2013

Dear Geetabitan. In your garden I hear songs of the delicate Indian poet Tagore. His sensitivity in words and music touches me deeply.
Jacques Devos, Belgium, 31.05.2013

Nice site to get all the Rabindra Sangeet songs and other informations. Thanks.
Malay Das, Kolkata, 22.05.2013

Yes this site is an excellent tribute to the vast literary treasure of Shri Robindronath Thakur.
Olivia Chakraborty, New Delhi, 20.05.2013

এই সাইট আমার অনেক অবসর সময়ের সঙ্গী। রবীন্দ্রনাথের গানকে আমাদের মত ছন্নছাড়াদের কাছে সুসংযতভাবে উপহার দেবার জন্য আমি চিরদিন গীতবিতান ডটকমের কাছে কৃতজ্ঞ থাকব। আরও সুন্দর হোক এই সাইট। যদি কোনও টেকনিকাল কাজে সহায়তা করতে পারি এই সাইটের উন্নতির জন্য, যোগাযোগ করিতে দ্বিধা করবেন না।.
Samik Mukherjee, Delhi, 08.05.2013

Great effort by the persons who made it.
Banashri Patra, Arambagh, Hooghly, 05.05.2013

Always wanted to get the full list organised and formatted online. gr8 job. Thanks.
Arnab Nandan, Bangalore, 02.05.2013

Great job! I would request you to concentrate on publishing English translations of Tagore songs (as accurate as possible)so that the wonders of his creations get communicated to those who do not know Bengali. This is urgently needed as many I know of are eagerly awaiting even better translations of Tagore.
Rangeet Ghosh, New Delhi, 02.05.2013

This is a very useful and user friendly web site.
Bratendu Chakraborty, Hooghly, 29.04.2013

This website is simply awesome and tremendously helpful. Hats off to your effort. I've recommended this site to few others too and they all appreciate it. Thanks a lot from our side.
Shantanu Rai Chaudhari, Nagpur, 20.04.2013

When I started as a regular student of Rabindar Sangeet and just introduced the web world it was my thought once the full "Geetabitan" must be available in web format. It's just a feeling of like dream comes true. Thanks
Jasajit Chakraborty, Bally, Howrah, 18.04.2013

I have gone thru' the new version of the website & found it really wonderful, informative & user-friendly. Congratulations to the whole developing team. I'm happy to be associated with your work.
Barnali Kar, Kolkata, 13.04.2013

It,s an excellent website . I believe truely it will become a complete website of Rabindranath Tagore in near future.
Debajyoti Bagchi, Kalyani, Nadia, 12.04.2013

Saurabh Chakraborty, Kolkata, 12.04.2013

গীতবিতানের নবকলেবর মনোগ্রাহী হয়েছে. আসন্ন নববর্ষের শুভেচ্ছা, আগাম জানিয়ে রাখি.
Arindam Gangopadhyay, Mumbai, 11.04.2013

This is a great job done.
Tilak Gupta, Kolkata, 11.04.2013

I visited the website and let me tell you it is one of the best sites in the internet for Rabindra Sangeet lyrics, Staff notations etc. Congratulations!!!!! And keep it up!!!! .
Swetanjal Datta, Kolkata, 11.04.2013

I use the site quite often. It s an excellent gift for lovers of Rabindra Sangeet.
M. K. Ali, 11.04.2013

Thank you for considering my request of adding a section where one can learn how to read bengali notation. Since i use sangeet paddhati by pandit bhatkhand ji the notation used in the site was hard for me to understand. Thank you once again.
Soumyabrata Das, 10.04.2013

I have just looked very briefly at the new site! It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! It is REALLY NICE, a pleasure to look at! I will have to explore it more. Congratulations, my only feedback is congratulation.
Bernie Greenberg, Cambridge, MA, USA, 10.04.2013

I visited the Geetabitan Web site today and found that to be surprisingly with a very catchy and modern new lay out design. That was a real great change that you brought in.
Giridharan U.R., Kerala, 10.04.2013

I'm a student currently pursuing M Tech from VJTI, Mumbai. I am learning the bansuri and your site is like a treasure chest for me, full of valuable notations. I salute you for making and maintaining such an important website.
Subhodeep Roy, Mumbai, 15.02.2013

Your website is an everyday-help for people like me.
Galib Hassan, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 11.02.2013

Excellent work...!! a BIG thumbs up to the entire team...
Sumanan Bhattacharya, Mumbai, 10.01.2013

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