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I think you are doing a great job by maintaining such an informative, interesting website for Tagore song lovers & by encouraging amateur singers like me to send songs for the same.
Barnali Kar, 30.12.2012

Aato sundor collection-e amar gaan sthaan paway nijer khub bhalo lagchhe.
Somnath Mookerjee, 21.09.2012

Prothome janai asankhya dhanyabaad..darun website..Ato bhalo website just vaba jay amr 1ta reqst achhe,j notation gulo deoa hochhe sob save hochhe .jpg format e..Pls amn korun jate.pdf er save hoy, tate print nite subidhe hobe...
Mainak Dey, Kanchrapara, 21.08.2012

Asadharan prochesta. Kintu sonar gan khub kom. Anke valo rabindrasangeeter charcha korchen.tarao gan pathate utsahi. Kintu ki bhave record korben ebong setake mp3 te convert korben bhute parchen na. Apnader ki nijoswa kono studio ache? Thakle janaben. Purono silpi der gan attach korte paren. Tate to royalty er proswno nao thakte pare.
Falguni Bhattacharya, Dumdum, Kolkata, 16.08.2012

You are doing realy realy a fantastic duty ( i feel it is our duty ) in rabindrakalpa( i mean it when it is rabindranath). swaraleepi / lyric - all are now in my reach. thanks for launching the singing aspirants site . I am dreaming, may be in future I shall place my song.... don't know when but...
Kuntal Bhattacharjya, 20.06.2012

It would be very kind of you to help me in this situation. I love, adore, live Rabindrasangeet. Very recently, one of my friends expressed interest in the same and I'm compiling a list of songs for her. However, I need to include English lyrics and English translations also. Searched on the internet, and your site is the only one providing that. Appreciate your initiative and efforts and would really love it if you could provide me the English translation of Aaj jyotsna Rate.
Madhuban Mukherjee, Hyderabad, 27.05.2012

It is very exciting to me to send my songs. So I am sure that I will be continuing to send my songs to geetabitan website. I love singing and listen Rabindra Sangeet. I have listened all of my geetabitan's friend's songs. They all are very good. I loved their songs. A lot of thanks to you and geetabitan for giving us chance to let all the Rabindra Sangeet lovers hear our songs.
Arghya Dhar , Birbhum / USA, 15.05.2012

apnader ai prochestar jonno amader moto jara rabindrasageet sikhi tader samne akta poth unmochito jonno ajosra dhonnobad apnader o apnader prochestha ke. ami amar abong anno bondhuder gaan sunlaam..khub bhalo laglo. vobissat-e r-o gaan pathabar ichhe roilo..
Sohiny Sarkar, 11.05.2012

I do appreciate and thank you for the enormous effort you have taken up to prepare and maintain this site. This is an immense respect towards Gurudeb.
Manas Pratim Das, 10.05.2012

Thank you very much sir, very very very useful site, people like me who are residing away from Kolkata can easily get notations, lyrics from this site. Western notation would help us more and more.
Kishore Chakraborty, Mumbai, 07.05.2012

জনাব, আমি আপনাদের পেইজের এজন নতুন ভিজিটর। আপনাদের এই সৎ ও উপকারি কর্মকান্ড আমি সাদরে গ্রহন করছি। আপনাদের অনেক ধন্যবাদ এমন একটা পেইজ পরিচালনা করার জন্য। রবিন্দ্র সঙ্গিত আমার অনেক পছন্দ। "মোহনা" শব্দ দিয়ে কবি কোন গান বানিয়েছেন কিনা আমি জানতে আগ্রহি। আপনারা যদি এ ব্যাপারে আমাকে কোন সাহায্য করে থাকেন দয়া করে আমাকে জানাবেন। কবি কি এমন কোন গান লিখেছেন যে গানে "মোহনা" শব্দটি আছে?
Monju Islam, 30.04.2012

Thank you so much. Ami apnar site dekhecchi bhalo legecche, eta ki aage chhilo apni abar notun kore korechhen? Ami khub byabohar kori apnar site. Ami obshyo amar chhatroder bolbo apni kolkata kothay thaken. Her website
Sudeshna Basu, Renowned Rabindra Sangeet singer, 30.04.2012

I have been a follower of your site since quite a long time. The older version had the lyrics in English. Since I cannot read Bengali I request you to kindly put up the lyrics in English.
Abhik Chatterjee, IIT Roorkee, 25.04.2012

This is a lovely website, I refer it quite often. I wanted to thank you for it! You guys are doing a wonderful job! Keep it going!, Thanks once again!
Mila Deb, Hyderabad, 25.04.2012

আপনার প্রয়াস আনবদ্য । আসা রাখি আরও মানুষের কাছে পৌঁছে যান, এবং খুব দ্রুত।
Tanay Chattopadhyay, 20.04.2012

Rabindranather gan amar kachhe dharmer mato ba tar chaiteo beshi kichhu. Ami nije ganer chhatro motamuti gaitepari. jkono samaei ami gai. darun khushi. Thanks.
Kuntal Bhattacharjya, 07.04.2012

I appreciate your sacrificing and sincere works. But my earnest request to you to include the songs of Tagore along with Dance-drama and so on. I expect from you to perform it as early as possible. I think it will be one of your noble deeds. Thanks!
Raisuddin Gayen, Music Teacher, Govt. Rabindra Bangla S S School, Port Blair, 06.04.2012

Too good. Visited in the past. Thanks for making such a nice site. Very very good work. thanks a lot. love ur site.
Somen Banerjee, 03.04.2012

I am a regular viewer of 'Rabindrasangeet er Sob Kichhu' website and very much satisfied with all the information regarding Rabindrasangeet. I am a learner of Rabindra Sangeet. Now I am looking for the song "Ke uthe daki momo boksha nire thaki' based on which raag. But the information page on that particular song is not provided in Taal & Raag page. Can you help me to find out that ?, I will be highly obliged if you can help me.
Babli Das, Jadavpur, Kolkata, 22.03.2012

Sekiiiiii. Na na. Erokom bolben na. Oi je gaaner line ta likhechhen apni : "swopon bhanga hridoye amar", Ekhon e swopno bhenge gele to cholbe na. Ei to sobey shuru. Rabindra sangeet er sob kichhu niye apnar pothchola to arombho holo matro. Apnar swopno sophol hobe e. Amar gaan shunle mugdho hoben na boroncho murccha jabar sombhabona probol. Gaan gaoa ami chhere diyechi bohuuuuuu din hoye geche. E to sadhonalobdho jinish. Sadhona na thakle e jinish hoye na. Kintu apnar sadhanaye jyano chhed na porey. Bhalo thakben.
Sharmila Mitra, 17.03.2012

I am overwhelmed to see your consistent effort to make rabindrasangeet still more popular. But there is one request from my side whichever song you publish in this site, please see to it that the songs do not deviate from the notations as published in swarabitans. Ardent rabindrasangeet lovers do not like to listen to rabindrasangeet deviating from the published notations and find it quite an irritation. Though some modern singers love to do R&D with the same. Thanks and regards. May you succeed in all your efforts in this direction.
Sharmila Mitra, 20.02.2012

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