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Storage of All information about Tagore. Specially songs notation. Very nice. Valo thakben.
Neehar Singha, Bangladesh, 19.10.2011

Please popularize Rabindra Sangeet and our culture through a platform everyone uses, "Facebook". Please create a page or group where all these resources including the notations would be available!
Dibya Ray, 02.10.2011

Oshadharon Site. Apnara amader mato probasi bangalider darun ekta opprotunity dicchen amader next projanmo ke bengal er rich cultural heritage ta pass on korar. Great Site. Simply Fantastic.
Kallol Bagchi, 01.10.2011

Infact i had to wait for so many years to find an awesome web site where i could find whatever i was looking for, now i can sing song along with the singer, which i was not able to do before but still my thrust to understand the depth of words written by great poet is not over , i can understand its not practically possible for u to translate few songs which i indeed want to understand, but still if u can help me to find someone who can find time to translate i shell be very thankful to you. I can say no one this earth has written about love what tagore has given to the world , i can understand tomey natun korey pabo boley, awww heart touching, tabu monei rekhu, can anyone touch the soul thru words?? no one can..
Satvinder Singh, 17.08.2011

Namaskar, i dont understand bengali but i hv crave for robindor sangeet and iwas looking for the lyric and trnaslation for quiet long time and i m lucky i had chance to access this site,i would be more thankful to you if u translate more songs of tagore,or if i send few songs would you translate, thx.
Satvinder Singh, 15.08.2011

Thanks for the ever wanting site.
Siddhartha Mitra, 03.07.2011

What you did , it's really amazing! It's really appreciable work. Thank you for your speechless work. Bye, good night, keep contact.
Dr. Brajaraj Sundar Ghosh, 21.06.2011

I had been looking for a site like this for a long time where I can get the lyrics, taal and notations.I have been learning and singing Rabindrasangeet from childhood and in Delhi where I have settled it is very difficult to get Swarabitan. Your site is wonderful.You must have spent lot of your energy and innovative powers to make the site. My hearty Congratulations. Your site would be complete if you can upload some representative songs or on request. Will you consider this?, Best wishes.
Prof. P. K. Brahma. IAAS (Rtd), 20.06.2011

I completely agree with your concern about protecting the purity of Rabindrasangeet in the midst of this cacophony. But still you will agree that none of the attempts to modify his immortal songs were accepted by masses.Whenever any of his songs reaches our ears form any nooks and corners it is in its purest forms (almost) singed by renowned artists.You will also agree that today our tests are determined by markets and vice-versa.So when there will be no market demand for this experimental Rabindrasangeet people will stop shoughting to modify the creations of this grand old man.I have noticed a decline in such attempts already albeit some revived it during his 150th year celebration to make some money cheaply.This will die down soon and only originality will prevail. I have no doubt about it. Another point to be considered is that quality and price go hand in hand.So we must stop buying cheap duplicate CD's and books and lend our support to the attempts to preserve the purity by buying the original ones.This in turn will determine the market demand and preserve originality.
Parijat Roy Choudhury, 07.05.2011

Ek anjaan geet ko jana pahachana banane ke liye mai aapaki bahut hi shukragzar hun. I am really happy to receive your reply. that has given me guideline to interpret it in marathi. how should i show thank u ? ...may be we can meet next year in kolkata .. i will be going there end of jan..2012....
Kirtimalini Gadre Bhattacharya, Zurich, 02.05.2011

I have gone through the site ( many a times and as far as I remember I also wrote to volunteer. Sites like this are very important in the interest of Tagore songs in internet generation. You and your team should try to do what others are not doing. Like site1 or site2 (we are unable to mention the site names). Repeating the same thing again is not worth the effort. The general awareness on listeners need improvement. Especially young and people settling outside and their children is a good target. Many of the listeners of classical music can understand Raag, Taal, Notes. The percentage of informed listener is high there. Can the same be said about listeners of Tagore songs? May be the same listening skill do not apply here. But do we have what applies? Tagore himself said "Sunibaar protiva thaka chaai". Can't we do something over internet so that we can create interest to enhance the skill and provide good resource once they are interested?
Debjit Mukherjee, 01.05.2011

As we all know, each of these golden songs are having glorious history behind them. Though a mammoth task, still I would like to request you to highlight them in these website. Also requesting you to point out informations on those songs which Kobiguru composed being influenced by western notes.
Parthasarathi Chakraborty, 27.04.2011

I love Rabindrasangeet. I visited your site this morning, (and clicked on some ads also), and I am very impressed with your website. It must have been a lot of hard work to develop this site. Congratulations on a great job. I myself have created a website on Kazi Nazrul Islams songs, (aka Please visit it some time. Your comments are welcome.
Suvro Datta, USA, 14.04.2011

Can u plz add songs here also (which songs are already sung by somebody). I know this will make this site heavy but like me many of us can help you financially and morally. I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am so amused to see this site. You are real hero of Ta gore's world. Plz keep continue your effort.
Mahmudur Rahman Tuhin, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 30.03.2011

Your website is very helpful for looking up the swaralipi etc. Very hard work is involved in building this. So many thanks. However, the English lyrics are different than how they are pronounced: like 'esho' is written as 'asho', 'nibhrito' is written as 'nrivrito' etc. This is important for singers who are learning from this website. So please change them.
S.Gupta, UK, 18.03.2011

This site is extremely helpful for the students of Rabindrasangeet learning, who does not have opportunity to stay in West Bengal.
Sandip Singha Roy, 15.03.2011

I sincerely appreciate this which helps students to learn Rabindrasangeet.
Biswajit Mukherjee, 05.01.2011

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