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I am really grateful for your website. By searching the Google I found your website and this is beautiful and helps me. However, some songs are not included if u can pl. add.
Chandan Kumar Mukherjee, 04.12.2010

There are some spelling differences in the phonetic conversion of Bengali words to the lyrics in English. For e.g. in the song "biswa jokhon nidramogan" - the title has nidramagon whereas the song has nidramogan - the and o are switched. A friend and I are translating Gitabitan into English - we are maintaining them as a blog for now at , We are going to link back to your site for the lyrics in English. Whenever I see any such spelling difference in a song, I will try and let you know. It would be good to have your email id so that I don't have to fill out the form every time.
Rumela Sengupta, Netherlands, 25.11.2010

Thank you very much for the wonderful Rabindra Sangeet website! I have been looking for a website with Tagore's lyrics in a long time!!, Just wished the Bengali had been translated, but understand how much work that would be.
Joao Pollo, Originally Brazil, now USA, 03.11.2010

I am speechless to imagine the effort put in by Mr. Anjan Ganguli. It's a great service he has given to the Tagore-lovers.
Debabrata Bhaumik, Presently posted in Algeria, 22.09.2010

I'm delighted with your this type of beautiful endeavor.
Bibhas Dey, 08.09.2010

Namaskar! I am in Mumbai for last 22 years and have been teaching music classical / rabindrasangeet for quite some time. Your site is an excellent help for my students; they are using it either for Bengali lyrics or for English lyrics as many of them don't know how to read or write Bengali though they love Rabindrasangeet. Frankly speaking, it's a great help for me. Earlier, I used to write for them. I haven't come across another site as neat and methodical as your one. Thank you. Good job. Keep it up.
Kanika, Mumbai, 21.07.2010

I am feeling very good to get your sight. I want to study on above said subject. I will be very grateful to you if you guide me regarding the said matter.
Kakali Bhowmick, 07.07.2010

I am a Rabindra Sangeet learner and this site is very much useful for Rabindra Sangeet lovers like us --- My contact no is .... Can I have your contact no please ????
Koushik Majumder, 28.06.2010

You are a great person. I am from Chennai, Tamilnadu and my mother tongue is Tamil. I am in Bengal now and a student of Rabindra Sangeet. I sing on stages also with my master and fellow students as well as solo. Your help is needed for me to take Rabindra Sangeet to all my people in my place. Can u please send me one single file on lyrics in English, with raag and taal of all songs It is difficult to individually download each and every song. With Love.
TCA Srinivasa Prasad, 20.05.2010

From very long days I was try to find out the notation of Rabindra Sangeet from Net. But there was no fruitful result. Then my friend inform me about your site. Now I am so happy with your site Its very needful for me. Thanks for create such a amazing site.
Debjani Bose, 24.04.2010

Your website is very helpfully to me. My suggestion: if you can host some hindi version of Tagore's songs so i think it will also be help full to all over India.I think Tagore's song not only for Bengali's,for all indian's. If possible try to upload/host it as soon as possible. I have lot of hindi verson with hindi notations which was approved by Viswbharati.If you needed you can contact with me.I can give you xerox copy for all those to you.
Snehasish Ghosh, 28.03.2010

This site is awesome. Thank you very much.Is there any way to donate through this site,so that any Rabindra organization can be donated? Thank you very much.
Subhankar Pandit, Canada, 22.02.2010

That's great effort Anjan. I sincerely admire your efforts..I will visit this site more regualrly..I would like to bare fully or partly domains cost for this site for 2010, if you like and allow..let me know it.
Kirtimalini Gadre Bhattacharya, 04.01.2010

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