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Thanks to all the valued users of this site who has posted so encouraging comments for us. Your comment helps a lot to motivate ourselves to improve this site as well as our services. We are thankful to you.


Your site is full of information which will help a lot of people who are interested in Rabindrasangeet. Not only students or researchers, but also a layman like me who gets his inspiration from this amazing creation by Robindranath Thakur. , I must congratulate you for creating such a website. A marvellous piece of work indeed.
Supriyo Roy, 24.12.2009

I'm honored. You have helped me in more than one way. I've told some of my friends about your website. They have found it useful too. Here in Bangladesh there are lots of people who study Rabindra Sangeet with dedication. Some of these people teach us at Chhayanaut. This institute has a few publications which you may find interesting. I don't know of any online versions though. You might be able to contact people connected to this institute through the website I daresay I've found no e-mail addresses at the site. The site is yet to be developed. There is only a post address. You could write. Thank you again. Do you have any plans for organizing forums on your website?
Liana Islam, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 22.10.2009

I have gone through the new look of the website. This is very useful and the look is also very exciting. The navigations are also quite user friendly. I personally thank you for developing such a wonderful website which is so useful for Tagore music lovers and artists. I am a student of Dakshinee and this website helps me a lot whenever I need any notation and / or lyrics of any song. I would love to be a part of this journey of yours. For any assistance, please feel free to contact me.
Sandip Ghosh, Student Daakshinee, 09.09.2009

It’s an excellent job for all rabindrasangeet lovers. I never got such a really useful website before that not only has a large collection (almost all) of songs but also their notations. I am really interested to find out some songs under each raag and taal. I think this site provide me the solution. I know this is a tremendous hard job. So first of all let me thank you. My only request is to add vocal songs under each and every song by reputed singers. I mean you should try to keep out those singers who sing the rabindrasangeets in a modern way and like modern songs. Please don’t put any link so that one can download that particular song from your site. There is lot of ways to download songs elsewhere. It will be very useful to read and hear a rabindrasangeet through on-line from one place. Because the songs which I will learn from your site the final goal will be to know the pronunciation or style that is very important for a rabindrasangeet you know. I think this will take a large space and may arise various complexities. You can open also a section to get sound of instrumental rabindrasangeet such as esraj, sarengi, sitar, piano etc. I think if you do that’s all, everybody from all over world will find only one and the best way to learn rabindrasangeets through online. By the way I just want to tell you that I play rabindrasangeet on Esraj. I will wait for your reply.
Dibyendu Sasmal, 12.08.2009

I am delighted to find swarolipis of Rabindrosangeet on-line. I learnt Rabindrosangeet in my childhood from my Uncle and Aunt who had the training from Geetobitan. Later, I got trained at Bani-chokro followed by Dakhshini. Currently, I am still continuing my Rabindrosangeet-chorcha at USA, under a student of Rama Mondal. Hence, this site will be very valuable to me. However, I wish to know, in case if I could not find certain swarolipis, would it be possible for you to upload it here?, For e.g. KENO JE MONO BHOLE AAMAR MON MANE NA, O KENO BHALOBASA JANATE AASHE OLO SOJONI. I did not find swarolipis of these songs in this site. Before I end, I must acknowledge that you have done a FANTASTIC JOB on creating this site. Please continue to update this site. People like me will truly appreciate your endeavor.
Bidisha Bose, 07.07.2009

I frm siliguri ur site is very popular to me & my students. Your site has made my teaching healthy & wealthy. My husband is a TABLA plyr. We have a small rec. studio at home. I myself perform in radio and TV as a B high in adhunik song. We hav perform in ganmela in Kolkata several times, and regular performer in siliguri and N.BENGAL. Once again thanks to u and your site for helping us. Our only request is any help in siliguri please cal us.
Chaitali Sarkar, 05.07.2009

Darun legeche.
Proneel, 27.06.2009

Great job !!
Debjani Roy, 23.06.2009

You have done a great job. I salute you for the pain you have taken to prepare this site which has become a very very useful tool for those who love, enjoy and sing Rabindrasangeet. Very best regards to you.
Aniruddha Sen Gupta, Rabindrasangeet singer, Chittagong, Bangladesh, 22.06.2009

Apni asadharan ekta site toiri korechen ! Amra apnaar kache chiro-kritoggo hoye roilam. ami antoto 300 janke ei site-ta forward korechi. Bhalo thakben.
Bedadyuti, 21.06.2009

I'm Irish and a great lover of Rabindra Sangeet (and Bengali culture). I think some of Tagore's songs are the most beautiful songs ever written. I was looking for the lyrics to some of them (I used to be able to read the Bengali script but I've forgotten most of it now. Do you know any resource where I could find the lyrics in Roman script?, Or could you send the same for:, 'Aaaji pranomi tomare chalibe nath...'
Niall MacCeide, 08.06.2009

I am very much pleased and much glad to view your your site. When I first find this site while searching about rabindrasangeet lyrics I thought that I've found the real jewel site. Besides this I also like your activity. Actually I am searching for the lyrics of song "sakhi bhabona kahare bole, sakhi jatona kahare bole", but I did n't get. will you please inform me where can i get this.
Chiranjit Singha, 07.06.2009

Peace be to you brother. Thank you a lot. This website has helped me momentously. I am a student of Rabindrasangeet and I often need to look up the notations. I learn at Chhayanaut, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I daresay it is always better to listen to a song to learn it rather than learning from the notations. The thing is, a lot of Tagore's songs are difficult to find, even in big stores. Songs like 'Nuton pran dao', 'bhoktohridibikasho pranobimohono' are not very available for hearing. I find them only on the lips of my teachers. I really wish there was a website where these uncommon songs could be listened to. Is it possible for you to do such a thing?. I wish you great success and happiness in life. Allah Hafiz.
Liana Islam, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 06.06.2009

This site has been immensely helpful to me. kudos/thx/greetings o shubhechchhaecha.
Arindam Gangopadhyay, 04.06.2009

The site u made is fabulous, if u can add his poetry also that will be icing on cake!
Tuhin Samanta, 04.06.2009

It is the site I wanted for a long time but could not find before.
Arkajit Medya, 30.05.2009

What an excellent piece of work you have produced in "Rabindra Sangeeter Sabkichu". This will give immense pleasure to all lovers of Rabindrasangeet in the world. My wife & I would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for your hard work. Well done! Many Congratulations! Best Wishes.
Dr.Shibopriyo Mukhopadhyay, Monjusree Mukhopadhyay, Mansfield, Nottingham, England, 17.05.2009

Onnek onnek dhonnobad atto chomotar aei web site ta banabar jonno. akta ganer taal (ekodatumi priye) khujcilam, ato shoje ta pae jabo bhabte parini, apnake oshesh dhonnobad nomoskar.
Tofail Ahmed, 11.05.2009

Thank you very much for this website. In childhood, I not used to like Tagore songs. But, now, in my late twenties, somehow I have got interested in Tagore songs. And in the latest attemt to sing 'Purano sei diner..' and 'Bhalobese sakhi nibhrite...', playing harmonium, I am very thankful to you. Because from this website, I have got the notations and lyrics. Can you refer me a good website , from where I can free download these songs to listen for learning. Can't resist to tell you that, I am really inspired by your vast interest in life's beautiful things ! I am also a Bengali girl from Janai Road near Dankuni. Though now residing in Pune.
Mukulika Jana Chatterjee, Pune, 08.05.2009

I must congratulate you for creating such a wonderful website. It is a great tribute to Tagore and an asset to all Rabindrasangeet singers. I am trying to get the Swaralipi for BISWABINA ROBE BISWAJONO MOHICHE. It can't be opened in your website. Can you please see to it?
Satadeepa Mallick Gupta, 04.05.2009

Excellent site. Lots of useful information. I came across the site looking for the raga of "Eso Shamolosundaro". Though this one is missing, all the other splendid information compiled by you is very much appreciated.
, 03.05.2009

It was really over-whelming to get such prompt reply. I really thank you from core of my heart. The site is a wonderful site, specially for people who are into Rabindra Sangeet. Your gesture is highly appreciable. Thank you once again.
Sandip Ghosh, 27.04.2009

I am very happy to see a true lover of Tagore's song like you. I love listening Rabindra Sangeet of great singers. I can not sing but try to enjoy the inherent beauty of Rabindra Sangeet. I also appreciate your great effort to digitalise the notations and distribute them in the net for Rabindra Sangeet lovers. I hope and believe thousands of them will be benefitted from your site. Wish you good health and happiness.
Kripasindhu Samaddar, All India Radio,, Jagdalpur (Chhattisgarh), 21.04.2009

it is a great treasure to me.. thank you very much for such a helpful site. regards.
Sangeeta, 20.04.2009

Nomoshkar, I guess I am writing to Anjan Ganguly-da. I hit upon your site while desperately searching for a notation for my wife. I live in Delhi and Sara-bintans are not easy to get. I was thrilled to get your site - not only did I get the notation I was searching but I got a gold-mine of songs and notations - lot more than I could have expected. Wanted to let you know that you have done and doing a great service to people like us in staying in touch with our culture. Not only to me but people world over. I personally remain grateful. I guess in one of the writings of Gurudev, he wrote that if even a single being ever derives any happiness out of his works - he will consider that his work was successful. Well, His work has been a deluge of happyness - and your work is definitely helping more (like me) to taste the Amritadhara... Thanks a lot...
Krishna, 19.04.2009

Very helpful.
Dipankar Mukherjee, 18.04.2009

Your good effort to exhibit Tagore's performances before the world at large is praiseworthy. However, since people like you having knowledge, outlook and good taste are few and far between the deformation as pointed out by you is really painful.
Ajit /Anirban Chatterjee, 02.04.2009

I am a computer engineering student in the final year. I deeply love rabindrasangeet and have been learning it since very young age. I am extremely passionate about rabindrasangeet and can correlate it with every emotion and situation of my life. I am ever grateful to you for making such a wonderful and strenuous attempt to upload the saralipi of almost all songs. U doesn’t know sir, how much favour you have done to me and thousands of rabindrasangeet students in our process of learning and practicing the songs by seeing the saralipi provided by you. As you know it is not possible for young students like us to buy the saralipi of every song we learn, nor does every teacher provide it. Your noble attempt will help us a lot in learning rabindrasangeet. I would remain ever grateful to you for your work and do keep up this noble venture alive. If any assistance needed from me, I’m always there. God bless you. Take care.
Raj Rishi Majumder, 17.03.2009

your site is so good but so unuseful for me and like who cannot read bangla script. I like Bengali songs and to learn them I need lyrics. But I can’t read Bengali script. will it be possible to introduce lyrics in English letters (bengali script)?, thanks.
Kirtimalini Gadre, Zurich, 09.03.2009

Wonderful site--Some songs are still --not available-perhaps--They will be available later.
Dr.Subhas Basu, 28.02.2009

I am Fully Appreciate Your Work For Originality and Perfection.
Dilip Pramanik, 26.02.2009

great work you did. share the same complain of the current trend in robindro shikey na bujhe gordov er moto okkhor diye geye jawa... shantideb created an audience, an educated audience. now it is totally gone. greately benefited by your website. tks a zil.
Shonali Rajlakhsmi Roy, 19.02.2009

Thanks for a unique job.
Asim Bhattacharya, 18.02.2009

Well done & go ahead.
Raj Kumar Saha, 10.02.2009

excellent site..Provides all details of rabindrasangeet including swarolipi, taal, raag. Laudable attempt. Really helpful for those bengali youngsters staying outside W.B. where scope 4 learning rabindra sangeet is less. But with classical training, n eagerness 2 learn rabindrasangeet it’s easy to pick up authentically as well from here..gr8 place to make nostalgic parents thrilled who r keen 2 imbibe bangla culture into us but environment is filled with rock n thanx a lot.
Amrita, 10.02.2009

It is a pleasure to see this site - a treasure house of Rabindranath songs.
Chandan Banerjee, Nagpur (MS), Now in Indonesia, 14.01.2009

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