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25she boishakh 2014As a part of our journey, we have formed a non-profitable society - Green Geetabitan®. Ore objectives are, through our various sincere activities, to serve Rabindra Sangeet-loving people, researchers, upcoming-singers and, to search and support new talents and students working in this field of culture in India and many more across the globe.

We cordially invite you to join our society. Your priceless support is what we need to make this project a comprehensive success for Tagore-loving people living round the globe. We have a huge work plan although fund is the major hindrance. You can help the society by accepting membership, donating small funds, standing beside us as a sponsor, helping us to find sponsors and extending your hand with your expertise as a team member. We highly appreciate your whole-hearted involvement in any sphere towards development of the society and other activities. Read more

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Founders of this website and society Green Geetabitan:

anjan gangulyAnjan Ganguly, Founder of and society Green Geetabitan, Editor of, Working President of Green Geetabitan. He is an engineer at Kolaghat Thermal Project.


debasis biswasDebasis Biswas, Founder of and society Green Geetabitan, Developer of, Secretary of Green Geetabitan.


About our website

One of the most popular website on Rabindra Sangeet catagory since 2008


We have been working on Rabindra Sangeet since 2008 through our website We do not wish to proclaim it as the most popular site in this category but we share a few simple statistics related to its popularity that might sound interesting. Over 9.3 lakh pages are viewed per month (According to Google Analytical report). People from over 1540 cities around the world visit our site because admirers of Rabindranath are everywhere.

Contents and services available in this website:

Elements of Tagore song:

We offer every feature of Tagore's songs. Not only are there the lyrics (in Bengali and English transliteration) and musical score (in Swaralipi notation), but characteristics unique to Hindustani music (such as the Raag and Taal), and transcriptions to Western "Staff Notation" and English translations of lyrics are also present. An entire list of songs in the order of Raag and Taal, and brief information about the origin of each song (e.g., its source collection, date of composition, etc.) in the "Notes" sections are provided. For this key offering, we rely on only the most trustworthy, authentic sources. Throughout the world this section of our website is the most popular.

Preparing Staff Notation for our visitors for free:

Staff Notations are essential parts of Western music and are not the right medium to describe music based on Hindustani Classical yet we have decided include them so that people not too conversant with Swaralipi (Notations in Bengali) may also have at least a foretaste of the songs.

We prepare it in a printable pdf format on the basis of visitor’s request. Each staff notation that we present for our visitors is accompanied with a Midi (a small audio file of the song). This service is absolutely free for all.

Preparing English translation for our visitors for free:

We provide the meaning of each of the songs in English on the basis of visitor's request. We do not wish to claim these as serious translations as the site has its focus on the better reproduction of the songs. Translations of regional feelings are never an easy proposition, especially in the form of a verse. Hence we have chosen to go for a form that is adaptable and equally lucid to the viewers across the globe. We give additional explanation for any typical Indian and Bengali word that may cause confusion. We even attach images where words are found inadequate. The language is deliberately kept as uncomplicated as possible. This service is absolutely free for all.

Acquaintance of talented Rabindra Sangeet singers:

The number of people who can sing Rabindra Sangeet admirably is quite large, although inopportune, for causes like lack of information, difficulty in identification and also the fact that they are not attached to the best establishment that enable to exhibit their talent. We take pleasure in introducing talented singers with their songs and musical profile to facilitate millions of our website visitors to get an idea about these upcoming singers. We are in search of new talents; thus anyone can send in their songs to publish on the site. However, we wish to keep up a minimum standard of singing before it is published. Hence we request you to follow a process to help us to select a song. We do not publish songs which do not comply with the standard although we do send to the singer, a clarification indicating the scope of improvement. We try to clarify with notations marking their mistakes. There is always a provision to resend a corrected song. We at all times try to support and encourage new singers to improve their proficiency. This service is absolutely free for all.

Collection of Tagore song:

The songs by the upcoming singers which we publish have been kept in a section named Collection of Rabindra Sangeet. This section has been created to satisfy the curiosity of a Rabindra Sangeet lover to listen to a song after acquiring all the information regarding the song. We feel that this section may support many people specially students and also for many Rabindra Sangeet lovers those who did not have much opportunity to listen to. Our visitors have a chance to see the notation while listening to a song, hence follow the application of the notes used by the singers.

Publishing literary works written by the visitors of this site:

We are proud to have proficient people as visitors of our site. They help and support in various ways - sending translations of Tagore songs, staff notations being just two of them. It is our pleasure to publish their works. We acknowledge their contributions with heartfelt gratitude as we have nothing else to offer in recognition.

Free advertising:

Thousands of people visit our site every day. They love Rabindra Sangeet. We have a section for Free Advertisement for the users of this site. Anyone can post a free advertisement. However, they must be related to Rabindra Sangeet. Institutions, auditoriums, cultural groups, Rabindra Sangeet singers and teachers, authors and book publishers can post their advertisement which in some way have benefitted them, helping the users of this site to get extra information about the propagation of Rabindra Sangeet around them.

Opportunity to publishing column:

There has been a longstanding demand from research workers and freelancers to provide some space for publishing their thoughts and sharing them through the website. In answer to that, we now introduced the feature. Over nine hundred thousand visitors browse through its pages searching for various aspects of Rabindra Sangeet. We hope this section will be as popular and beneficial to the authors and readers of these research materials.

We have been continuously working on other related topics on Rabindra Sangeet which will be included on the site gradually. Some research work which we hope will be extremely beneficial to people is also under progress.

About our Society Green Geetabitan

Green Geetabitan is a Non Profitable Organization dedicated to serve for Rabindra Sangeet loving people, researchers and the students working in this field of art and culture throughout the Globe. Our service is FREE AND UNCONDITIONAL. The website is owned and maintained by the organization Green Geetabitan.

Vision and objectives of our society:

Green Geetabitan is a Non Profitable Organization dedicated to serve for Rabindra Sangeet loving people, researchers and the students working in this field of art and culture throughout the Globe.

We wish to delve into intensive research works of Rabindra Sangeet; better reproduction being the prime target. We have also a plan to consolidate grounds on which Rabindra Sangeet can be protected against imperfect reproduction with the help of legal provisions.

We will also try to generate interest and love for Rabindra Sangeet in every class of people through our campaigning, cultural programmes, distributing books and magazines, providing support for learning Rabindra Sangeet and through many other ways. We have a plan to acquaint the children living in orphan houses and homes about Rabindra Sangeet with the help of NGO’s and Foundations operating throughout the globe.

Area of work:

Green Geetabitan is intended to work throughout India and abroad in co-operation with other local, national and international societies, institutions, organizations and any other group or individual in the pursuit of the aims and objects of the Society.

Organizing workshops throughout West Bengal for Rabindra Sangeet:

One of the most important objectives of Green Geetabitan is to arrange regular workshops in Kolkata and in every district towns to be conducted under the guidance of wise personalities involved into this art and culture. Workshops shall be open for all interested people. Every schools, colleges, associations and institutions would be visited for this purpose. To reach every house local advertisement may be opted. This support would help every people interested in Rabindra Sangeet to develop their knowledge and fine tune their proficiency.

Organizing class rooms throughout West Bengal:

Another important objective of Green Geetabitan is to organize classrooms for Rabindra Sangeet for free of cost for the needy and interested students who would like to learn Tagore song. We will try to establish and maintain our classrooms in every district towns with the help and support by our associated local members. Our encouragement and support shall be focused to shape new talents for the future.

Organizing competitions in districts and state level:

Green Geetabitan is concerned about finding, caring and promoting new talents in Rabindra Sangeet. Organizing competitions in Kolkata and every district towns of West Bengal regularly under the guidance of eminent personalities is our primary plan. Candidates selected for sincerity and devotion through this competition shall be entitled our wide range of promotional support and other benefits. The Society has already made out the structure of the selection procedure which will be announced in the next general meeting

Organizing debates and seminar:

Green Geetabitan will arrange and organize lectures, debates, discussions, seminars & excursions in presence of eminent personalities of this art including general people who love Tagore song in order to spread the knowledge for Rabindra Sangeet in every corner of the earth.

Building up a library and reading room:

A library and a reading room consisting of books and literatures on Rabindra Sangeet would be established and maintained for the use of our members so that they can be benefited and get optimum support from our society.

Special programmes for poor children:

Green Geetabitan would like to arrange special programmes for orphans and street children to make them Tagore literate with the help of NGO’s and foundation have been working on them. A special unit will be developed for this purpose; people who have enough knowledge working with street children will be preferred for this special program.

Building up an audio/video digital studio:

Green Geetabitan has a plan to establish and maintain a computerized studio both for audio and video recording with modern facilities for the benefit of our members and others. A huge number of better singers and musicians are deprived of a recording facility around. This studio must be a solution. We, never the less, get better opportunity to publish more songs through our website. This studio should help us to publish cultural programs and songs rendered by the singers and groups through our website.

Organizing concerts and shows:

Green Geetabitan will organize concerts and shows on Rabindra Sangeet in Kolkata and district towns. Our main focus would be to give an opportunity to the upcoming singers to perform on stage in front of renowned personalities of Rabindra Sangeet. Our technical committee will decide the name of the singers for the show.

Talent search:

We are in a process of building a strong association with the cultural groups, individuals, institutions, society and foundations involved in Rabindra Sangeet in every corner of the world so that we will be able to locate talents through our extensive workshops guided by the proficient personalities of this art. Our group of technical and advisory committee whose guidance will be strictly maintained and to be followed by any person of the society to make this project well accepted in the world.

Finally something about the society:

All the above objectives of Green Geetabitan are mentioned in the Memorandum of the Society. We are keen to continue to work accordingly and maintain our honesty and integrity.

We are poised of our hard working ability and sincerity to make this project successful, although, the scope of Green Geetabitan is huge. Not only Rabindra Sangeet plucks our vital strings within, we care for the million hearts that throb with the same passion. We feel completely obsessed to be attached with this research since we have started working on Rabindra Sangeet from 2008 through our website.

We have been enlightened by the exponents like Sanghamitra Gupta, Pramita Mallick, Apala Bosu Sen and many more while working with them.

Eminent personalities of Rabindra Sangeet have given us the nod to form a Technical and Advisory Committee that we have already planned, to generate a surge in the direction to intensive research.

We are in a process of building a strong association with the cultural groups, individuals, institutions, society and foundations involved in Rabindra Sangeet in every corner of West Bengal. With the support of our members and associated network, we will be able to locate talents in every corner of India. Our extensive workshops guided by the proficient personalities and Associated Members would help us to find singers who has the ability to sing Rabindra songs as it was said by Rabindranath Tagore.

Our group of technical and advisory committee whose guidance will be strictly maintained and to be followed by any person of the society to make this project well accepted in the world.

Your support:

Your priceless support and blessings is mandatory for us to continue this huge project. Fund is so important for this huge work-plan but that is our biggest obstacle for stepping forward into it. So please support our society by becoming a member, donating small funds, sponsor our society and website or support for getting sponsorship and extending your hands with your expertise. Your wholehearted participation in any respect for the development of the society and other activities is highly appreciated.