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25she boishakh 2014This site contains information about Rabindra Sangeet, the songs of Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), as well as the contributions of upcoming and promising Rabindra Sangeet singers of this distinctive genre. We provide complete lyrics (in Bengali and transliteration) and musical notation for this large repertoire, and guidelines for its interpretation.

Our goal is to share information about Rabindra Sangeet with students, teachers, scholars and performers around the world, and spread knowledge of this still not-widely-known treasure. This site is a labour of love, with no commercial motive whatsoever, and encourages contribution. Continue reading ...

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An appeal to our esteemed viewers & well-wishers

As a part of our journey, we have formed a non-profitable society Green Geetabitan®, the objectives of which is to serve Rabindra Sangeet loving people, researchers, upcoming singers, searching and supporting new talents, students working in this field of culture and many more across the Globe through our various sincere activities.

You are cordially invited to join our society. Your priceless support is what we need to make this project a comprehensive success for Tagore loving people living round the globe. We have a huge work plan although fund is the major hindrance. You can help the society by accepting membership, donating small funds, standing beside us as a sponsor, helping us to find sponsors and extending your hand with your expertise as a team member. Your wholehearted participation in any respect for the development of the society and other activities is highly appreciated. Read more

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rabindranathEssence of Rabindra Sangeet

In this website we explain the finer points in each of Tagore's songs. The melody, the lyrics (Bengali and English transliteration) and the musical score (Swaralipi notation) impart a unique identity to Hindustani music (Raag and Taal). The transcriptions of western staff notation and English translations are also available. Continue reading

rabindranathAcquaintance of singers

We feel pleasure to introduce promising Rabindra Sangeet singers in recent times. The number of people who can sing Rabindra Sangeet admirably is quite large. We sincerely hope to be the site that would give them an opportunity to view publication of their best work to the globe. Continue reading

rabindranathPublish your song in this site invites Ranbindra Sangeet enthusiasts to visit here daily in mass and share their works. If you sing Rabindra Sangeet too we invite you to send us your recordings for publication on this site. A large number of Rabindra Sangeet enthusiasts are already hooked up with us and you have the opportunity to share your art with the large quality viewers of this site. The only condition is the renditions must be passed by our screening process. Continue reading

Contents and Services

About our society Green Geetabitan

rabindranathPublishing column

The much awaited feature for publishing column is made available to all followers of the website in this fourth version. It has been a longstanding demand from research workers and freelancers asking us to provide some space for publishing their thoughts and sharing them through the website. Continue reading

rabindranathCollection of Rabindra Sangeet

We have an opportunity to publish the renditions of talented and upcoming Rabindra Sangeet singers in this site. We strictly maintain a screening process for each song before it is published. We believe that our visitors will enjoy each of collection sung by the singers of recent times. Continue reading

rabindranathFree services

We have been passionate for offering free services to our visitor’s over the last six years. We always try to satisfy our viewers when something is asked for free and it has been strictly maintained as far as our ability is concern. We try to translate Tagore song in English, we prepare staff notations for our visitors when these are requested. We also offer free advertisement for any individuals or any organizations who are interested to post something about their activities in the site but it must be related to Tagore song.